The Snipers of Jersey Shore

  by WALTER BRASCH   Garder54 calls Kevin June “a real scum.” LadyDawg4 calls him a “sleazeball.” Proud2bMom calls him a “liar and a thief.” Kevin June is the reluctant leader for the 37 families of the Riverdale Mobile Home Village in Jersey Shore, Pa., who were evicted from their … Continue reading

Jennifer Rubin’s Savage Assault on Reality

what is astonishing is that a major United States newspaper would allow this blatant Goebbelsesque “big lie” propaganda run unchallenged, unquestioned, uncorrected, and, seemingly untethered from the credibility that newspapers require as the backbone of their existence. Continue reading

Geeks Vs. Obama: Scientists To Protest Budget Cuts

Some of the nation’s scientific leaders plan to rally against cuts that President Obama wants for NASA’s budget, which they say will hinder the advance of the U.S. space program and hurt the nation’s scientific talent pool. The SETI Institute, a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research, education and public … Continue reading