Is This What It’s Come To?

Shaun Winkler shown with anti-Mathew Shepard sign during visit
of  Westboro Baptist Church at North Idaho College, protesting
production of “The Laramie Project,” on Oct. 22, 2010.
(Spokane [Washington] Spokesman-Review file photo)

I gave it a pass when Rmoney operatives showed up in Boston to heckle Obama advisor David Axelrod (from a pr0-Romney “news” source:


WorldNetDaily 2012-05-31: Top Barack Obama adviser David Axelrod today lost his cool as pro-Mitt Romney protesters appeared at his campaign stop and shouted him down with references to administration scandals. “You can’t handle the truth, my friends!” Axelrod yelled at protesters in Massachusetts today. “If you could handle the truth, then you would quiet down.” Axelrod was staging a news conference…

But then I found out that these weren’t just Boston thugs for Romney. They were coordinated by the Romney Campaign, as Romney acknowledged with a child’s rationalization for bullying:

Heckler’s brawl: 2012’s nastiest day
President Obama and Mitt Romney have been trading schoolyard slaps for months. | AP Photo

By REID J. EPSTEIN, MAGGIE HABERMAN and GLENN THRUSH | 5/31/12 5:49 PM EDT Updated: 6/1/12 5:54 PM EDT

BOSTON — Welcome to the schoolyard slap-fight that is the 2012 campaign to lead the most powerful nation on Earth… After acknowledging that his campaign had orchestrated the Boston heckling, Romney predicted the two camps will spend the next six months elevating the debate, calmly exchanging views on the issues of the day and marinating the democratic process with dignity and self-restraint.


“Most of the events I go to, or many of the events I go to, there are large groups of, if you will, Obama supporters there heckling me,” Romney said during a campaign stop at Solyndra’s Fremont, Calif., headquarters.

“And at some point you say, ‘You know what, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.’ If they’re going to be heckling us, why we’re not going to sit back and play by very different rules. If the president is going to have his people coming to my rallies, and heckling, why, we’ll show them that, you know, we conservatives have the same kind of capacity he does.”

And the ever pliant catamites at Politico take the Babysitter’s Position (or that of Sergeant Schultz): “Both camps said the other side started it.”

I kid you not.

(And the scrofulous Joe Scarborough thinks it’s no big deal, which generally means it’s not. Joe’s not got a very good track record in being correct about  … virtually anything.)

There is a vast difference between sending your operatives to heckle (Shouting “SO LIN DRA!” at some points) and then secretly appearing in front of the closed Solyndra plant, and being disliked by fringe opposition supporters for … well, possibly for being the kind of jerk that would order the former.

I don’t know which is more infantile and transparent, Romney’s acknowledgement that HIS thugs were shouting down an opposition spokesman and his whine that it happened to him TOO. OR Politico’s craven tail-tucked retreat from any sense of morality, ethics or propriety. As clinical and detached as a porn film critic timing money shots and stifling a yawn.

And, if it can be believed, LESS ethically noteworthy.

Romney bus buzzing yesterday

And now the Mitt the Barber’s Bus has engaged in Brontosaurus Heckling at an Obama campaign event:

Romney Campaign Bus Taunts Obama Supporters

Honks its horn as hundreds of Obama supporters wait to enter event in Ohio.

posted Jun 14, 2012 12:31pm EDT
Zeke Miller BuzzFeed Staff

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s guerrilla tactics continued Thursday, as the campaign bus circled the venue where President Barack Obama will be speaking this afternoon.

As it passed the assembled throngs of supporters awaiting entry to the event at Cuyahoga Community College, the bus honked its horn dozens of times, before circling around to do it again. Obama supporters jeered and booed each time the bus passed the line outside of the security screening area.

The Romney campaign has routinely deployed aides to infiltrate events featuring Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, who wait online like regular supporters, but once inside spin the media live.

Romney traveling press secretary continued the taunting on Twitter …

So what comes next? Cross burnings?

Read what the “meetoo” snarking blogosmear is chortling about the bus buzz. They LOVE it. It’s so GREAT! (Good lord. These are Visigoths with keyboards.)

Bonner County, Idaho cross burning, May 2012

I’m not kidding here. If Mitt Romney has decided to pursue heckling and harassment as OK, it’s just a short goosestep to violent and thuggish tactics, and, well, cross burnings.

Things are ugly, and Mr. Big Time Morality OUGHT to know that he sets an example for his partisans. And this example is reprehensible — and ought to be reprehensible — to all civilized people. It is the antithesis of our system, the antithesis of John McCain’s praiseworthy “No. He’s not a Muslim. He’s a good American.”

Mitt is giving license to that lady, to all the Birthers (Donald Trump) and, ultimately, those fellows burning that cross in Idaho.

Idaho TODAY, babies.

If you think that a bus buzzing a crowd, or sending campaign staffers to shout down the other campaign is OK and not a slippery slope, you don’t know much about American history. This is dangerous, dangerous tea that Romney’s tee-totaling.

That guy up top of this column with the anti-Matt Shepard sign? That’s Mr. Burning Cross:

Sheriff candidate hosts cross burning

Bonner County’s Winkler: Misunderstood ‘lighting’ a pointedly Christian symbol
Posted: Wednesday, May 9, 2012 12:15 am
Updated: 10:43 am, Tue May 15, 2012.
By CAMERON RASMUSSON/Hagadone News Network

SANDPOINT – It’s unlikely that any other Bonner County sheriff candidate spent their Friday night like Shaun Winkler.

At his compound just outside Priest River, Winkler and other family members of the northern Idaho Ku Klux Klan klavern held a get-together that included a nighttime cross lighting. Winkler, 33, is also tied to the Aryan Nations and Church of Jesus Christ-Christian. He has participated in racially-charged Kootenai County protests.

According to Winkler, cross lighting, more commonly known as cross burning, often provokes strong reactions from most people. Given that fact, the ceremony is generally conducted in private within the compound once a month or so.

“Generally, for a cross lighting, it’s extremely rare we’d let any media there at all,” he said.

However, after discussing the matter with his family and associates, the group agreed to allow outside observation for the ceremony. Winkler said the evening was meant to express both camaraderie and religious devotion….

Seriously? Nobody noticed that
this banner looks like Frankenstein? 


You know, like Mitt claiming that it’s OK to send his hired goons because he gets heckled all the time. (Shucky darn!)

Home grown American

But it gets even better. Here’s what the County Sheriff candidate said (same article):

“Most people don’t know that we don’t just oppose the Jews and the negroes,” he said. “We also oppose sexual predators and drugs of any kind.”

Winkler added that if he had his way, perpetrators of sexual crimes would be hung immediately.

As for the cross lighting and his other white supremacist links, Winkler admits that those who oppose him for his viewpoints probably won’t come around. Given that likelihood, he’s not worried about alienating potential supporters.

“I think at this point, whoever is going to disagree with me will keep on disagreeing, and those who agree with me will keep on agreeing,” he said.

 Really? This is the sort of GOP candidate (Winkler is, surprisingly, a Republican) that Mitt Romney doesn’t mind attracting?

This isn’t where it starts, but it IS where it ends …

No, there aren’t that many degrees of separation between Mitt Romney and Shawn Winkler if Romney continues down this path.

Now, luckily, Winkler LOST his election (Near Sandpoint, Idaho, where Sarah Palin’s family moved to Alaska from and relatives still reside, BTW):

Idaho Klansman Loses Sheriff’s Race

Here’s an update on the white supremacist running for sheriff in north Idaho: He lost.

Shaun Winkler, who went as far as holding a cross-burning on May 4, came in last in a three-man race for Bonner County sheriff. Incumbent Sheriff Daryl Wheeler (3,934 votes) easily won with Tim Fry (1,427 votes) coming in second.

Winkler received 182 votes….

Defeated KKK Sheriff’s candidate Shawn Winkler
–  the face of the GOP’s future?  

Can’t these marginal types be DENOUNCED, rather than encouraged? Why would Mitt want to excite racism, hatred, violence, utter incivility and bigotry? Is that REALLY the only way Republicans can win?

This is the ACTUAL Idaho cross burning last month

Although it’s weird, when you think about it. Encouraging hate and childish, escalating acts of hostility OUGHT to scare hell out of a Mormon, given their history.

But no.

It’s come to this.

Which is insane.

Almost as insane as our media will be (watch what happens tomorrow) if they DON’T REPORT THE BUS HECKLING OF THE CROWD WAITING FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES TO SPEAK.

Almost as insane as the total news blackout of Mitt Romney’s felony violation of Wisconsin voter law last month, and Paul Ryan OF Wisconsin, who aided and abetted it, either knowing it, or else in advanced stages of dementia. The GOP made a BIG DEAL of that law not a year earlier.

Worse, the “opposition”/liberal blogs are literally asleep at the wheel, seemingly taking the noxious Steve Almond Op-Ed advice in the New York Times this weekend and ignoring the increasingly ugly rhetoric and tactics of the Right. Ostriches are the ultimate survivors, they seem to believe.

Winkler (center)

They think it’s curious and amusing . Nothing could be more dangerous and idiotic. This kind of crap (the hecklers, the buses honking people waiting to see the President) gets ugly in a hurry, and Republicans OUGHT to be as in a hurry to denounce it as they were to denounce the KKK Kandidate in Idaho. (Oh wait.)

At least one blogger seems to get it: “If this tactic is not repudiated, the dangerous implications that could stretch well beyond 2012.

[On the other hand, here’s a “Right Wing News”  columnist on his own blog: William Teach / Pirate’s Cove:   Funny Stuff: Romney Campaign Bus Taunts Obamazombies.  Ha ha.]

No: we are headed down a dangerous path, and we’d better stop them at the brickbats stage, else, once the shooting starts there will be no stopping whomever whatsoever. Take a minute and consider what that will mean.

Is THIS the America that the GOP wants? Are these “American Values”?

Is this the kind of tactic Mitt Romney will continue to use to grab the highest office in the land?

Are we in deep deep doo doo?

Time will tell.



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