Countdown to SCOTUS Apocalypse

Malcolm of the IBD

Meanwhile, back at the Surreal Ranch that is GOPland, the lunatics at Investors Business Daily claim that Obama is Nixon in an editorial of mind-bending non-connectedness to Reality:

 Obama’s Lawless Presidency Close To Totalitarianism

The Obama Record: The chief executive who swore to faithfully execute the nation’s laws picks those he’ll ignore and makes up others through regulation and executive order.  He sees no need for a Congress or Constitution…

Yeah. That’s a HUGE threat. (Are you KIDDING me? IBD: This was the “publication” that hired Andrew Malcolm, the worst excuse for a journalist that the formerly great Los Angeles Times ever gave a column with which to lie continually with.)

Thank goodness we have the hairy reasoners at the Supreme Court to protect us. (Note that the Obama = Nixon meme is being stealthily mixed into the “liberal and leftist bloggers are threatening and suppressing us Red bloggers. It is not rational, of course: it is intentionally dream-logic associational conditioning. For further details, ring a bell near Pavlov’s doggie.)

Having boldly decided to legislate the kind of Republic they’d like from the bench, the grand finale drops this week, as SCOTUS is ready to overturn the health care act over broccoli. And other surprises are surely in store, having destroyed campaign finance and put democracy on the auction block, essentially tossed habeus corpus into the trashcan, and just sort of, willy-nilly watching the Unethical Train Wreck that Thomas and Scalia have become.

Chief Justice Roberts at Red Mass

Thomas, of course, emulating Scalia in all things, since Clarence the Disastrous is allowed to crib his test answers from pliant Antonin’s scorecard. After all, it was Scalia who converted Clarence to Catholicism. And, in addition to the Doctrine of Transubstantiation, both believe that they can not only KNOW the minds of the “framers” — as Originalists — but CHANNEL them to the present day. Roberts and Alito seem to “meetoo” and after years of working on Anthony Kennedy, a Californian Catholic, his moderate swing vote seems to have swung permanently into the Scalia camp, a medievalist form of infallible thought that Giordano Bruno would surely have appreciated.

Not an actual White House photo, but one which has 
been cunningly altered for narrative effect. Unless Rome
has now learned cloning and secretly practices it … 

So, will today be the day they overturn the Affordable Health Care Act (and, for good measure, severely clip the wings of the Interstate Commerce clause with even MORE wacky, unintended consequences, like Citizens United v. Democracy)?

Here, listen to ass Justice Kennedy in his decision in Citizens United:

Quite apart from the purpose or effect of  regulating content, moreover, the Government may commit a constitutional wrong when by law it identifies certain preferred speakers.  By taking  the right to speak from some and giving it to others, the Government deprives the disadvantaged person or class of the right to use speech to strive to establish worth, standing, and respect for the speaker’s voice.  The Government may not by these means deprive the public of the right and privilege to determine for itself what speech and speakers are worthy of consideration.

Uh, corporations are “disadvantaged persons”?

Here are some of those “disadvantaged” persons

Or this gem:

If the antidistortion rationale were to be accepted, however, it would permit Government to ban political speech simply because the speaker is an association that has taken on the corporate form.

Corporations are people, my friend. (Unless, of course, they foul the waters, or kill 80,000 in Bhopal, India, in which case no “person” is ever held responsible.)

Actually, an “association that has taken on the corporate form” sounds more like an agency of Catholic Demonology than a business like Koch Industries. You know, like an incubus or succubus: the speaker is an association that has taken on the corporate form…

It probably pukes green pea soup, as well.

(Your truthiness mileage may vary)

And this:

The censorship we now confront is vast in its reach. The Government has “muffle[d] the voices that best represent the most significant segments of the economy.” (opinion of SCALIA, J.*). And “the electorate [has been] deprived of information, knowledge and opinion vital to its function.”

[* Kennedy is quoting Scalia here. Earlier, he quotes himself.]

Vast censorship

And the Pièce de résistance:

this Court upheld limits on electioneering communications in a facial challenge, relying on the holding in Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce, that political speech may be banned based on the speaker’s corporate identity.


Austin is overruled, so it provides no basis for allowing the Government to limit corporate independent expenditures.

Uh, yeah.

Justices Thomas and Breyer at Red Mass —
Breyer attended at invitation to be “polite” 

A long time ago, I wrote that having five Catholic Supreme Court Justices could very well create a consensus based on an underlying Operating System that has no basis in the Constitution.

For my trouble, I was called a bigot and attacked on “First Things” a quasi-Catholic hate site.

And, now that the “Alter Boys” have formed a stable, if vicious, majority in 5-4 decisions for the past several years, I think we can all see how completely unjustified my alarm was. A religious creed is a very powerful epistem0logical engine, as important to the working of the brain as UNIX, Linux or Windows is to the operation of your computer.

Clarence Thomas’ “apologist” tour  on 15 Dec. 2000, as
the spokesmodel for Bush v. Gore  three days later  (12 Dec.)

Looks like the Supes won’t drop the deuce today. Possibly tomorrow, or, most likely, on Friday, to give them time to get out of town ahead of the howling.

Right now I’d put the possibility of the guts or the entirety of the Affordable Health Care Act being overturned at 95%.

Sorry, pal, you’re S.O.L. , I’m afraid.
Can I interest you in some Extreme Unction?

There’s five percent for “hope,” but mostly that so that we can dream of a great and decent nation, and not face the horror that we’ve simply become a large grazing population to be preyed upon by those “Malefactors of Great Wealth,” Teddy Roosevelt warned us about, and which five Supreme Court Justices worship with all the religious fervor that they worship the Virgin Mary.


A writer, published author, novelist, literary critic and political observer for a quarter of a quarter-century more than a quarter-century, Hart Williams has lived in the American West for his entire life. Having grown up in Wyoming, Kansas and New Mexico, a survivor of Texas and a veteran of Hollywood, Mr. Williams currently lives in Oregon, along with an astonishing amount of pollen. He has a lively blog His Vorpal Sword. This is cross-posted from his blog

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