Radio Hosts To Take Their ‘Poverty Tour 2.0’ To Battleground States

As the presidential contest continues to be dominated by themes related to Mitt Romney’s personal wealth, two well-known radio and political personalities once again plan to bring national attention to economic injustice by announcing “The Poverty Tour 2.0.” “The Poverty Tour 2.0” by Tavis Smiley and Cornel West will be on the road September 12–15, visiting four campaign battleground states: Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida, continuing the crusade to make the eradication of poverty a top priority in America—a clarion call to President Obama and Romney as the race for the White House heats up. The pair behind the poverty effort are hosts of the nationally syndicated public radio program Smiley & West from Public Radio International. “We expect that the forthcoming … Continue reading

Pollsters: Obama, Democrats Have Clear Advantage in 2012 Election

While a prominent Democratic polling and advocacy organization expects the November election to be close, they argue that President Obama and his fellow Democrats enter the final sprint before Election Day with clear and strong advantages. The public poll averages reported by RealClearPolitics and others are biased by the daily role of Rasmussen and Gallup, which are systematically biased in favor of the Republicans, the pollsters from Democracy Corps argue.  Nate Silver of The New York Times has analyzed these and compensates for that bias, but the other polls report that Obama has about a 1 or 2-point advantage over GOP candidate Mitt Romney.  That is wrong, Democracy Corps argues.  In an email, the organization says its poll at the end of last … Continue reading

Welcome to RaceBook!

We can tolerate some bad speech. But we cannot tolerate ALL bad speech. We can tolerate some hate speech, but we cannot tolerate ALL hate speech. We need to draw a wise and prudent line in the sand. The foregoing suggests that we don’t even know where the sand is, let alone where to draw that line. Continue reading

Sunshine Still Blocked at Penn State

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.–The Penn State Board of Trustees, still sanctimonious in its public moral outrage, continues to violate state law. The Board held a private three hour meeting, Wednesday evening [July 25] to discuss the NCAA sanctions and the role university president Dr. Rodney Erickson played in accepting the sanctions. Erickson, according to the Centre Daily Times, had “accepted the sanctions after discussing them with advisors and some trustees, but not the entire board.” The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act, which covers Penn State, requires that public agencies “shall give public notice of its first regular meeting of each calendar or fiscal year not less than three days in advance of the meeting and shall give public notice of the schedule of … Continue reading

Romney’s Dogwhistle

These are not stupid people. They are merely UNWISE people, and having promised to take off the kid gloves last week, there is no reasonable interpretation of the “Anglo Saxon” comments as OTHER than a dog whistle to their racist base, to amp up their “enthusiasm” since polling is showing clearly that Romney’s base hates Obama far more than they like Mitty Continue reading

Citizens United Called Opportunity For Billionaires ‘To Own the United States Government’

As polls begin to show that the current and unprecedented torrent of negative TV attack ads are taking their toll on both presidential candidates, a leading opponent of the Supreme Court decision which makes such unlimited campaign spending spoke out Tuesday to overturn the ruling. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the left-leaning Vermont independent, appeared before a Senate committee to reiterate his long-held and fierce opposition to the high court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, a ruling which swept aside decades of bipartisan regulation of campaign finance. Sanders revealed for the first time that at least 23 billionaire families have contributed a minimum of $250,000 each so far in this year’s campaigns. “My guess is that number is really much greater because many … Continue reading

The Fluff Factor: Today’s Journalism

Will someone please buy gags for Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford? It makes no difference what the color is. Plain or polka-dotted. Painted or sequined. Scented silk, Egyptian cotton, or an auto mechanic’s oil-soaked rag. Just as long as it can be stuffed into their mouths. When their mouths are open, the personality-drenched hosts of NBC’s fourth hour of “Today” are swilling cocktails, blathering about themselves, or interrupting their guests. It makes no difference who the guest is. Cookbook or romance author. Relationships or nutrition expert. A-list actors. No one gets more than a couple of seconds without cross-talk with one or both of the hosts. They may think it’s funny. Or, maybe, like authors who are sometimes paid … Continue reading

Top Ten Tips to Tackle Crowdfunding

SC Logo from Deck flattened cropped

Cross-posted on Huffington Post and Daily Kos   My company, Spend Consciously, has just launched its second crowdfunding campaign. At the start of our first, my boss Matthew Colbert and I were fairly new to the process. But thanks to what we learned from the first campaign, the second is off to a very encouraging start. In fact we’re currently the “Hottest” campaign on It’s incredible how a bit of experience can manifest so significantly. We developed an idea for what communication methods were most effective. We learned about – and made – some common mistakes. But as a result, we are more battle-hardened, more effective entrepreneurs. It’s one thing to read up on crowdfunding. It’s another to go … Continue reading