Top Ten Tips to Tackle Crowdfunding

Cross-posted on Huffington Post and Daily Kos   My company, Spend Consciously, has just launched its second crowdfunding campaign. At the start of our first, my boss Matthew Colbert and I were fairly new to the process. But thanks to what we learned from the first campaign, the second is … Continue reading

(Not So) Happy Moon Day 2012

Usually, this is an annual post I can kind of phone in. Naturally, the shootings last night upset that comforting assumption, as life has a disturbing tendency to do. Death stalks us at every moment, and tragedy is only a slip away. Continue reading

President Obama: ‘There Are Going to be Other Days For Politics’

What was to be a spirited campaign event became a solemn moment of morning as President Obama dropped politics Friday to offer a somber moment in observance of the massacre inside a Colorado movie theater. Just hours before the president was to fire up voters in the battleground state of … Continue reading