Romney’s Dogwhistle


“Anglo-Saxon” quote overshadows start of Romney tour

(Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney began a foreign tour on Wednesday forced to disavow a report that an adviser had accused President Barack Obama of not understanding the shared “Anglo-Saxon heritage” of Britain and the United States.

Supposedly, this was a “gaffe.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Just as they have intentionally misrepresented the president’s remarks on the necessity of a greater social context and (infra)structure as a prerequisite to small business success (and, as Faux Nooz has INTENTIONALLY edited the comments in a manner barely befitting James O’Keefe, let alone a professional news organization), so, too, this little racist dig was purely intentional and seemingly equally NOT thought through. If this were a game of chess, Romney thinks only one move ahead. Not exactly a harbinger of Grand Master success.

It all boils down to the “n-word” which they would LOVE to say (and say privately) but like the Southern racists who now dominate the Republican party, it’s all in “code,” unless you slip up like Trent Lott and while the compliant press lets it slide, get caught with your pants around your ankles by the blogosphere — the closest thing we have to an underground press until and unless the oligarchy succeeds in buying it and silencing YOU.

Got that? The Romney “Anglo-Saxon” slip gets the meme out there, with Romney, like Don Corleone, given plausible deniability as he bumbles his way into an Olympics that’s SUPPOSED to remind everybody of his one great triumph, saving the Mormon Olympics from bribery, prostitution and lord-knows-what-else they were doing to seduce the Olympic committee into stamping the five-ring imprimatur onto Utah’s shameless license plate advertising.

Utah’s “black snowflake” in their embarrassing 2010 “Ski Utah” ads

These are not stupid people. They are merely UNWISE people, and having promised to take off the kid gloves last week, there is no reasonable interpretation of the “Anglo Saxon” comments as OTHER than a dog whistle to their racist base, to amp up their “enthusiasm” since polling is showing clearly that Romney’s base hates Obama far more than they like Mitty and his Dancing Horse (not available for photo ops, BTW, paranoid and secretive like his Mistress and Mattress, seemingly).

The racist code is intentional. The racists are barely masking their racism, and, in Mitt’s “World Stage” foreign policy tour, he’ll be in England, Poland and Israel, with the Israeli swing coinciding with a big fundraiser (with wealthy American Zionists flying in, because while he outsources his cash, it’s illegal to outsource his contributions to non-Americans. That’s the purview of the Super-PACs and Karl Rove.)

Frankly, I wouldn’t want the guy on my team for a game of Trivial Pursuit, let alone commanding the world’s largest army, economy and collection of gun-toting lunatics who masturbate to the Bible (or, in Mitty’s case, the Book of Mormon).

Anybody who DOESN’T understand that the “Anglo-saxon” thing was a racist dogwhistle is either institutionalized, a Faux Nooz watcher or else a journalist.

The rest of us “get it.”

And, what’s funniest of all, since none of the numnuts in media ever think more than one superficial layer deep, is that “Romney” is NOT an Anglo-Saxon name, but comes from the NORMAN INVASION OF 1066, when the Anglo-Saxons got their ASSES KICKED and lost “English” except as an underground lingo for two centuries. (Ever wonder WHY there’s so much French in English? The official language of William the Conqueror’s Court and its heirs was FRENCH.)

Meanwhile, Mitt dissembles in idiotic ways:

“I have to tell you. This is Ann’s sport. I’m not even sure which day the sport goes on. She will get the chance to see it, I will not be watching the event. I hope her horse does well,” he said. (same Reuters story)

Seriously? Your wife and her pet make it to the Olympics and you’re not going to watch? Any wife around the world has a phrase for it in her language, which would connote the equivalent of its definition in Anglo-Saxonish: insensitive, uncaring Asshole. Good ghod: you go to the Olympics and pointedly state you’re not going to watch your wife’s horse? What kind of soulless golem are you Mitt?

Even on racist terms, Mitt’s an idiot: The name comes from a place in Kent called by the Anglo-Saxon name “Romney” which was where the Norman conquerors bearing that name settled. But there all Anglo-Saxon ties end, and the original “Romneys” didn’t even speak English.

The Rmoney campaign chugs on

Somehow that’s a fitting metaphor for the drugged dancing horse guy who refuses to watch his horse dance.

London Bridge may be falling down, but it’s in a neck and neck heat with Mitt and his Racist Dogwhistlers.

This guy can’t even handle his own campaign. Who would think him qualified to run America in a crisis?

A horse on drugs?

Thank ghod they can’t vote. (Yet.)



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