Greed + Titillation = MENSA

Guess is isn’t true about protein being good for skin texture

Evidently this is “news”:

Tampa Bay Fl News:
Porn star Jenna Jameson endorses Romney

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Porn star Jenna Jameson chose a familiar stage to make her endorsement for the 2012 presidential election Thursday night. At a San Francisco strip club, the former adult actress and stage performer said she was ready for a Romney presidency.

“I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office,” Jameson said while sipping champagne in a VIP room at Gold Club in the city’s South of Market neighborhood. “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.” […]

Yeah, right. Sure. Right up there with Bo Derek endorsing George W. Bush.

Ohhh, but look at how many media sites picked up this meaningless story. One “balanced” blog report even headlines as: “Jenna Jameson Endorses Romney, Ron Jeremy Backs Obama.

The sheer stupid cynicism and breathless embrace/mockery perfectly mirrors the USA’s love/hate affair with pornography, and, worse, the sheer idiocy of Jenna Jameson. Mitt Romney has publicly and privately promised to engage in a jihad against commercial pornography, but Jameson says “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”

Let’s see: Black Klansmen,  Abortionists for Santorum, Jews for Hitler — all of the above come to mind.

My point isn’t to criticize Jenna Jameson for either her political acumen or its opposite. Actually, it really doesn’t matter a tinker’s damn what Jenna Jameson thinks (or doesn’t).

One of these is a wax statue.

It is a Rorschach ink blot test for the prejudices and prides of a lazy and nearly comatose media, that they would consider a lazy and comatose former porn star newsworthy (JJ was never exactly the most intellectual porn star — a field which, did you know better, you’d realize has a lot of intelligent and thoughtful people in it).

No: it’s a freak show. A sideshow, a reason to quietly mock and giggle and sneer in stuff such as this:

Ann Althouse said…

Those who assume Jameson isn’t intelligent should read the “business” section of her Wikipedia biography.


From a 2004 NYT story about Jameson: “Ms. Jameson… is a prominent figure in the country’s $10 billion-a-year porn business…. She has debated the merits of pornography at the Oxford Union…. [S]he has become a millionaire several times over. She is the chief executive officer of ClubJenna Inc., which Entertainment Weekly said has revenues of $5 million to $15 million a year…. Ms. Jameson produces her own videos.. She sells the videos on her Web site, which also offers an online diary, a sex advice column and a Jenneral Store of sexual aids, T-shirts, mugs and Jenna bobble-head dolls.”

Also, I liked this quote from her father: “You have two choices when one of your offspring takes a nonsocially acceptable job… You can either completely divorce yourself from them, or support them. I chose the latter…. Everybody has sex… The only difference is that Jenna lets you watch and makes a lot of money.”


In 2001, the Oxford Union debating society invited Jameson to come to Oxford to debate a proposed British law against pornography. Shockingly, she led her side to victory, winning the debate 204 to 27. She’s also taken Bill O’Reilly to task for some of his hypocritical ways. Later, in February 2003, Pony International planned to feature her as one of several porn stars in advertisements for athletic shoes. This plan was attacked by O’Reilly, then Jameson sent a sarcastic email to the show, writing: ‘I hope Bill understands the difference between a porn star and a hooker. I assume he has done some research on the subject because he requested some of my videos after we finished taping my appearance. I imagine he wanted them for professional reasons.’ Jenna Jameson for the win.”

Gee. Her “side” won the debate against shutting down porn. She sent a snarky letter to Bill O’Reilly.  Oh, but THIS makes her “smart”: she made a lot of money.

And she embraces the candidate she thinks will help her keep her tax cuts. That’s “smart” in Althouse’s twisted world.

Of course, had she “endorsed” the other way, she’d be an idiot in the same pages.

Let’s get this straight, people, political leanings and making money don’t make you “smart.”  In this case, what is being worshipped is JJ’s greed, as a substitute for smarts.

But, more importantly, who actually cares what JJ thinks, other than JJ’s fans?

The freak show/sideshow of American journalism, that’s who. And it’s picked up as news by a slumming CBS employee CBS doesn’t ever have the cojones to identify: “Jameson made the comments exclusively to a CBS SF staffer who was attending an event marking the 8th anniversary of the gentlemen’s club….” [ibid.]

Seriously? You quote JJ because it’s a freakshow story, and then don’t even identify the “reporter” the quote was given to?

That kind of gives away the game, doesn’t it?

 It’ll get clicks. It’ll drive people to the train wreck to rubberneck on what the porn star has to say. (I’m pretty sure she retired a while back*).

[* Fact check, Wikipedia: ” In January 2008, Jameson confirmed she is retiring from pornographic performances.”]

Actually it’s a cash variant of Linda Syndrome: Not being “in the biz” anymore, she’s glad to endorse the candidate who she thinks will protect her shekels, and SCREW everybody still working.

I guess that’s “intelligent.”  Not compassionate, not socially aware, but hey, I got mine Jack.

Which is, if you think about it, the perfect characterization of the Republican position.

The most pitiful among men is he who turns 
his dreams into silver and gold. ~ Kahlil Gibran

If Mitt’s morons were to take charge of congress and the White House, do you really think they wouldn’t find some way to retroactively toss Jenna Jameson in the clink, and figure out some way to strip her of her “ill-gotten” gains? Evidently SHE doesn’t.

Which, again, bespeaks her Althouse-alleged “smarts.”

I am not attacking JJ here. I could care less. She’s after my time, and I don’t dig what my late friend Sam Spinelli used to call “bionic bimbos.”

I am attacking the slavering, drooling of a press corpse that finds this interesting, even as they have never evinced the slightest understanding, intelligent commentary nor attempt to understand a huge American subculture that remains, functionally, unreported in any serious or intelligent manner. (See this week’s “Misadventures in Publishing” for my bona fides.)

It only reinforces my point from 1986 through to the present day: everybody who knows nothing about porn knows everything about porn.

Thus, an ex-porn actress, retired and rich, becomes a freak show spokesmodel for Mitt Romney, else an “obvious” example of how stoopid and greedy Romney followers are.

In fact, it’s a slumming (probably male) CBS “staffer” repeating a snippet of gossip from his anonymous visit to a San Francisco sex club.

(And, by sex club, I don’t mean that there’s any actual sex. It is the Bizarro World of American sexuality that the ONE thing that is absolutely forbidden in all public sex venues is … sex.  Touch the girls go to jail. Go to a porn theater, and the LAPD are surveilling the crowd to see that they’re not masturbating. Insane tantalization with a promise of non-fulfillment is OK, but anything other than blue balls is criminalized.)

No point beating a dead horse, but when you’ve managed to offend a pornographer who’s cited at least eight times in the Meese Commission Report, you’ve managed something.

Keep f***g that chicken, news media. Keep f***g that chicken.*


* Refers to the legendarily weird interlude of Ten O’Clock News anchorman Ernie Anastos telling the weatherman on FOX5 WNYW to “keep f***g that chicken” on  Sept. 16 2009:


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