Look! A Squirrel!

from the movie “UP”

Evidently they buy their own swill. The Weakly Standardud posts this (which, for its deep insight and clever writing sits ATOP Memeorandum as the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS STORY OF THE DAY!!!), which I quote in its entirety:

Is Today the Day?
Obama meets with Biden and Clinton in the Oval Office.
8:01 AM, Aug 16, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER

Perhaps further fueling speculation that Barack Obama may replace Joe Biden on the Democratic presidential ticket with, say, Hillary Clinton, take a look at part of the president’s schedule for today:

Biden at economic forum 2003 crop

10:15AM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

Oval Office

Closed Press

10:45AM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT meet with Secretary of State Clinton

Oval Office

Closed Press


Private Dining Room

Closed Press

Will President Obama deliver the bad news to Biden at 10:15? And, in the 10:45 meeting, arrange the handoff to Hillary?

If so, there’s a nice condolence lunch with Biden to make him feel better set for 12:30.

Gee. Must be important, since only someone paying attention would find it to be blatant media manipulation and a false meme derived from a false meme.

So, I guess if you’re not paying attention, it’s important, and we can expect Jon Stewart and The Daily Show to give it tacit cover tonight, as they did last night.

Here’s a word for you: Whitewater. Here are some more: “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Here’s some more: “Yellowcake uranium.”

What do they have in common with the dogs from Up?


All were false memes that the “liberal media” (the ones so vilified by the unthinking Faux Nooz/Sarah Palin/Rush Limbaugh mental midgets) were suckered in by, far more than “squirrel!” did the dogs, who at least looked back when it was rationally determined that THERE WAS NO SQUIRREL!

Again, the fundamental absurdity? That there were BLACK PEOPLE in the audience when Joe Biden responded to Romney’s promise to “unshackle” Wall Street.


Funny thing is, these crypto-racists, these fascists (if you call me ‘socialist,’ then I get to call you ‘fascist’ — what’s sauce for the silly goose …) have all but come out with blatant racism (OK, they have, but the “liberal media” eternally gives them cover) and yet, the lapdogs of the “mainstream” press have implicitly decided that they, white upper middle class arrogaters of the mantle of “intellectual,” can safely determine that the racists of the Right are, in fact, taking umbrage at Joe Biden for his supposed slight of the “black people” in the audience.

Funny. If the audience was offended, you’d think they’d say so.


The bloodhounds of the press
who guard our freedom and liberty

But, leave it to the haters, the racists (no longer very crypto-) and the fascists to suddenly “care” about what black people think.

This is the FUNDAMENTAL ABSURDITY that the “liberal media” fails to grasp.

Chris Cilizza at the Washington Post gives the fascists cover and carries on with the Giuliani/Palin meme that “Joe Biden isn’t very bright.” Dana Milbank at the Washington Post soberly decries the “ugliness” on both sides in the race.

Yeah, it’s about “race” all right.


Just like the blatant racism displayed by finding “black” spokesmodels to vomit the talking point memes on MSNBC, as “Republicans.”

Like electing Michael Steele RNC chairman in 2009, because, as we all know, you have to have a black guy criticizing a black guy to prove that you’re not being “racist.”

Does anybody SERIOUSLY think the RNC would have given the time of day to a black candidate for RNC Chair had not a black President been elected?


And so on and so forth: the Republican obsession with producing “black” people to counter black presidents is such a racial “tell” that only the “liberal media” couldn’t see it.


The original point was Paul Ryan’s horrific Randroid philosophy, underpinning his Draconian (some might say “Procrustean”) budget, PASSED ALMOST UNANIMOUSLY BY THE HOUSE GOP!!!

But even after being distracted and conned by this BS since well before the 1993 “Whitewater” scandal that turned out not to be a scandal, but was humped by the comatose press corpse for EIGHT FREAKING YEARS, they still fall for it every time.

I guess you can’t teach old dogs news tricks, eh?

Oh wait. The “concerned” troll machine of the Right is suddenly “offended” on behalf of black people over Joe Biden’s comments about Wall Street?

Because “chains” only applies to blacks?


Which is probably accurate. The squirrels ARE coming for you, “politically keereckt” pseudo-liberal swine.

They’re coming for you because they think you’re nuts.



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