Target Of Recent Shooting Backs Akin Amid Rape Comments

at least one controversial group is standing behind Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.).

Although presidential candidate Mitt Romney and many other prominent Republicans have rejected Rep. Todd Akin over his comments about “legitimate” rape, condemnation on the right is not universal.

Indeed, a Washington-based group of social conservatives which saw its security guard gunned down just days ago has come out in strong support for Akin, the republican candidate for Senate in Missouri against incumbent Democrat, Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Akin caused a national outrage when he claimed abortion even in the case of rape is unnecessary because women’s bodies somehow automatically prevent pregnancy in the case of “legitimate rape.”

“This is another case of ‘gotcha politics’ against a conservative leader. Todd Akin has a long and distinguished record of defending women, children and families,” says Connie Mackey, president of the Family Research Council (FRC) Action PAC. “He has fought against forcing taxpayers to subsidize abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which is the bedrock of Claire McCaskill’s base of support. When speaking about the issue of rape, let’s not forget the cover-up of statutory rape by Planned Parenthood, which to my knowledge has not been addressed by Senator McCaskill.

“Throughout his twelve years in Congress, Todd Akin has supported legislation that honors all human life. He has opposed the commodification of women in contrast to his opponent, Claire McCaskill, who has a long record of promoting the abortion industry while ignoring how abortion harms women. We know Todd Akin, and FRC Action PAC enthusiastically endorses his candidacy,” Mackey adds.

The Family Poverty Law Center had labeled FRC as a hate group.

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