Romney Staffer Ran Sham Non-Non-Profit

Team Romney’s Social Media Director, Bill Murphy, is the former Director of the National Bloggers Club, a group under IRS investigation for soliciting donations while falsely claiming to be a non-profit organization. Although NBC filed incorporation papers in January, the organization is still absent from both the IRS and GuideStar charity databases.

The group’s President, Ali Akbar, is a long-time associate of Murphy’s. In fact this isn’t even their first for-profit non-profit. I first wrote about Akbar in 2009, when he was working at American Liberty Alliance – an organization that fraudulently solicited funds while purporting to be non-profitable. Murphy was ALA’s Director of Strategic Initiatives. Though Akbar would eventually rise to the dizzying heights of Chairman of the ALA Board, at the time he was a mere technology consultant. Incidentally, prior to that he once found himself arrested for grand theft and … wait for it … fraud.

Two weeks ago Ron Brynaert broke the news on his blog (Hackers n Fake Newz) that prior to working for the campaign, Murphy had not only worked at both NBC and ALA, but in fact had left both positions off of his resume, or at least his LinkedIn profile. You can see the before-and-after screenshots on Brynaert’s blog. Following Brynaert’s lead, bloggers like The Liberal Grouch and Breitbart Unmasked launched a bit of a campaign against Akbar. The idea seemed to be to try and get to the Romney campaign through Murphy by tying him to Akbar ike a snitch to a cinder block.

However, as it turns out @LiberalGrouch, @BreitbartUnmask and @ronbryn can skip that step. Rather than just being vaguely associated with NBC, Murphy used to run it.

In a March 16 interview on an internet radio show, Murphy was listed as the Director of the National Bloggers Club. He was introduced as the Director of the National Bloggers Club. He was frequently referred to as the Director of the National Bloggers Club. A month later, in a story about how the interview went wrong, Murphy was again identified as Director.

In fact, Murphy has to have been involved with NBC from the very beginning. After all, he was listed as the Coordinator of Blog Bash, an NBC event held on February 9, 2012 at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Not to mention Akbar’s lawyer only filed NBC’s incorporation documents on January 27,  two weeks prior. Still, this represented a major professional accomplishment for Akbar; after all, for his previous two ventures (Vice and Victory & Pundit Syndication, LLC) he had to have his mother file the documents.

So here we have Romney’s Social Media Director jumping from the sinking ship of the non-non profit he once helmed onto the campaign bandwagon, hoping that nobody notices he’s a multiply-offending fraudster while he’s there. I say that NBC is a sinking ship because though it incorporated as a non-profit with the Texas Secretary of State, no one ever actually filed the additional and necessary documents with the IRS. Ergo, they’ve been falsely claiming – explicitly claiming – to be a non-profit. The behavior is so egregious it’s even irked many a conservative.

Paul Lemmen is a right-wing blogger who’s not afraid to admit he’s an ex-con. In fact, his blog is called An Ex-Con’s View. In a June 9th post titled “Withdrawing Support for National Bloggers Club” Paul cut through the crap and laid things out, nice and simple.

“I am publicly calling for Mr. Ali Akbar to step down from the National Blogger’s Club. There should be an outside audit of not only the donations received, but also where its donated funds have gone. There should be a publication of the IRS statement certifying the status of the National Bloggers Club.”

A few days ago, the Liberal Grouch received a letter from the IRS informing him that they are in fact launching an investigation into the National Bloggers Club.

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