Senator Kerry’s Daughter Launches Nonprofit Volunteer Program to Solve Shortage of Medical Workers Abroad

Senator John Kerry’s daughter, Dr. Vanessa Kerry, a 35-year-old Massachusetts General Hospital physician, is launching a new non-profit program which “aims to improve health care, both in developing nations and in the U.S.” The new non-profit, called the “Global Health Service Partnership, will send doctors and nurses to work in developing countries and in return help pay off their hefty student loans.” Dr. Kerry has “partnered with the Peace Corps both for its name recognition and its institutional knowledge — it’s been sending workers abroad “in a sensitive, integrated way,” Kerry said, for 50 years.” The goal of the program, which is partnered with the Peace Corps, is to aid countries with severe shortages of health professionals. But, as NPR reported, … Continue reading

Samuel L. Jackson: Wake The F**k Up

Actor and activist, Samuel L. Jackson entered into the political fray of Campaign 2012, with a starring role in a new web video that “parodies his own audio recording of the mock children’s book, “Go the F*** to Sleep.”” Here’s the script, via CNN’s Political Ticker: “In the silvery moonlight that bathes every town, The people lye dreaming so safe and so sound. They’re warm in their beds, snuggled up in their sheets, But four years before, they were out in the streets.” The story features a girl named “Little Susie,” whose family once actively campaigned for Obama but now sits on the sidelines this election year. “We canvassed and phone banked with passion and pluck. It matters this time, … Continue reading

Romney In Denial Part 2

Romney in denial, part 2… “I’m going to win Ohio. I’m going to become the next president, in part because I’m going to have the support of people in Ohio,” Romney told NBC News on Wednesday. A New York Times poll released Wednesday showed President Obama leading his Republican challenger 53-43 percent, but Romney insisted that he didn’t “worry about the polls.” Good luck with that Mitt… Even right wing bloggers see the writing on the wall. And, just take a look at this video to get a feel for what right wing leaning newscasters think about Romney’s campaign. The NY Times reports… Mr. Romney is facing mounting hurdles in these two critical states, which hold nearly as many electoral … Continue reading

Republicans Lie About ‘Support oUR tROOPS’

by WALTER BRASCH For a decade, Republicans have been screaming at Americans to “support our troops.” But, they don’t really support our troops. Their constant chanting was originally code to support the Republican administration and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If the Republicans truly wanted to support the troops, they would have demanded—early in the wars—better armament and vehicles for the troops. Troops in Iraq had to “up-armor” their Humvees with their own ingenuity and money because Congress failed to appropriate enough protection. The Republicans should have been outraged that after field medics performed extraordinary service to keep wounded from dying that the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was negligent in providing health care. It took a Washington … Continue reading

Cherokee Nation Chief: Scott Brown Staffers ‘Racist’

A video of Scott Brown staffers, “making “tomahawk chop” motions and yelling “war whoops” at a rally Saturday” surfaced yesterday on the liberal blog, Blue Mass Group. The video showed staff members including Brown’s “deputy chief of staff, Greg Casey; his constituent services counsel, Jack Richard; and GOP operative Brad Garrett.” Today, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker condemned the actions of Brown’s staffers in a statement: “The conduct of these individuals goes far beyond what is appropriate and proper in political discourse. The use of stereotypical ‘war whoop chants’ and ‘tomahawk chops’ are offensive and downright racist. It is those types of actions that perpetuate negative stereotypes and continue to minimize and degrade all native peoples.” Senator Scott Brown said he that he did … Continue reading