Governor Deval Patrick Rocks the Democratic Convention

If you didn’t see Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last night you missed a rousing speech that fired up the Democratic base and set the stage for the headlining speech of the night, Michelle Obama.

Watch Deval Patrick rock the DNC:  

Via the Boston Globe:

“Mitt Romney talks a lot about all the things he’s fixed,” Patrick told delegates at the Democratic National Convention. “I can tell you Massachusetts was not one of them.”

“The list of accomplishments is long, impressive, and barely told,” he said, with emphasis on the final words. “And even more impressive when you consider that congressional Republicans have made obstruction itself the centerpiece of their governing strategy.

“With a record like that and a vision that hopeful and powerful, I for one will not stand by and let him be bullied out of office,” Patrick said. “And neither should you.”

As the crowd swelled in applause, Patrick ended his speech with a rapid call for activists to canvass voters and work in phone banks and “tell everyone we meet, that when the American dream is on the line, we want Barack Obama in charge.”

Fired up and ready to vote… Barack Obama 2012!

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