Get High With Mitt For $2,000

Mitt Romney wants to meet you, but only if he’s really, really high.

The Romney campaign just sent an email via the Washington Times  advertising an Obama-esque competition to enjoy some private time with the Republican candidate at 32,000 feet. Just you, him… and a planeful of people paid to be between you and him.

Thanks for flying Air Mitt, we know you have your choice of candidates…

Team Romney is hoping to capitalize off of the same spirit of the Obama campaign’s repeated contests to have dinner with the Obama and/or a celebritous individual or two, or maybe hang out backstage with the First Lady, that kind of thing.

The reason those competitions are so successful is because people actually want to spend time with the President.

Regardless, this latest doesn’t-at-all-seem-desperately-derivative stunt from Team Romney has also taught us something valuable.

That value is $2,000 – the apparent cost of a one-way ticket on Air Mitt.

We love to fly, and it pays

But don’t worry, I hear the peanuts are outstanding.

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