Romney In Denial Part 2

Romney in denial, part 2…

I’m going to win Ohio. I’m going to become the next president, in part because I’m going to have the support of people in Ohio,” Romney told NBC News on Wednesday.

A New York Times poll released Wednesday showed President Obama leading his Republican challenger 53-43 percent, but Romney insisted that he didn’t “worry about the polls.”

Good luck with that Mitt… Even right wing bloggers see the writing on the wall. And, just take a look at this video to get a feel for what right wing leaning newscasters think about Romney’s campaign.

The NY Times reports…

Mr. Romney is facing mounting hurdles in these two critical states, which hold nearly as many electoral votes as the rest of the swing states combined. Mr. Romney’s lead among older Americans has shifted toward an advantage for Mr. Obama; his competitiveness with Mr. Obama on who would better handle the economy has dipped into slightly negative territory; more view Mr. Romney unfavorably than favorably — the opposite is true for the president — and majorities say Mr. Romney does not care about the problems of people like them.

Meanwhile, President Obama’s campaign is reminding staffers to keep their eyes on the prize and not focus on the awesome polls. Sage advice… We’re in this to win… Let’s re-elect President Obama in a landslide come November!

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