Springsteen Endorses and Campaigns for Obama

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It’s no secret here on The Dem Daily that I am big fan of the Boss. I’ve been posting here since The Dem Daily’s start, on his voice in politics that extends not just through his lyrics and music but into his involvement in the last few presidential elections.

Bruce Springsteen has always championed the little people, the working class in his music. He has stood up for what’s right about our country and shown himself to be a great outspoken patriot as seen in his song We Take Care Of Our Own, from his latest release, Wrecking Ball .

On Wednesday, Bruce Springsteen posted his endorsement of Barack Obama on his website and took to the campaign trail for Obama the following day, with former President, Bill Clinton…

While campaigning with Bill Clinton in Parma, OH yesterday, Bruce Springsteen commented on his concerns about the widening disparity in wealth among our citizens:

“That’s a disparity that I believe our honorable opponents’ policies will only increase and that threatens to divide us into two distinct and foreign nations, until many of us are going to end up like a song I wrote in the 1980s, “Jackson Cage”: “just the scenery in another man’s play.” If we marginalize so many of our citizens, their talents, their energies, their voices will go unfound and unheard. We will lose their contributions to this great land of ours; we will impoverish ourselves and set ourselves on the road to decline. So their opportunities must be protected, and I think President Obama understands this.”

We can not go backward, as we will if Mitt Romney is elected. Bruce Springsteen, the longtime champion of the working class, gets this. Pay attention to what he’s saying, because, his celebrity is what counts, it’s the wisdom he imparts on voters when he’s on the campaign trail for President Obama.

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