Will John Kerry’s Senate Seat Come Up For Grabs

There’s a lot of chatter about Senator John Kerry possibly moving to the Cabinet, either as Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense, and there’s some worrying going on in Massachusetts about the possibility of another special election to fill his seat.

The agita is understandable—Democrats are still bruised over the devastating 2010 experience of seeing the “Kennedy seat” lost to Brown in a special election, which cost the party its filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, greatly complicated the push for the Affordable Care Act, and foretold the party’s huge losses the following fall.

The big concern among Democrats “is that none of the party’s potential candidates for Kerry’s seat would seem to have the firepower (and fundraising potential) of Elizabeth Warren.”

Among those being mentioned are Rep. Michael Capuano (who came in second to state attorney general Martha Coakley in the 2009 primary to take on Brown), Rep. Ed Markey, former Congressman Marty Meehan (now head of UMass-Lowell), U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz and, yes, Coakley, who has managed to rebuild her reputation somewhat after the humiliation of the 2010 loss. Deval Patrick, the state’s popular governor, has knocked down the notion that he would go for the seat himself, saying he plans to serve out his term through 2014.

Only time will tell what happens with Senator Kerry, while I am inclined to want to see him move to the Cabinet, preferrably as Secretary of State, ultimately, I would prefer to have my favorite Senator stay put as our Senior Senator, here in Massachusetts.

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