Dave Brubeck, Jazz Pianist, Dies at 91

I wasn’t much of a jazz fan for the first 3 or more decades of my life and then something shifted. Once I discovered jazz, the artists from 1950s and ’60s were the ones that struck my chord. Brubeck was at the top of my favorite artist list. Dave Brubeck died this … Continue reading

Americans With Obama On Tax Hikes, Strategists Say

Public opinion is squarely with President Obama on imposing tax increases for the wealthy, as Republicans  flail about on the issue, according to a new memo by two prominent Washington Democrats. Most Republicans continue to resist allowing tax rates to rise on the richest taxpayers as part of a deal … Continue reading

350,000 Respond To White House ‘#My2k’

With Republicans in a sour mood and in disarray following last month’s elections, President Obama appears to have scored a coup in public opinion, with more than 350,000 Americans responding to his call to share stories about what an impending middle-class tax hike would mean to them. More than 100,000 … Continue reading