350,000 Respond To White House ‘#My2k’

President Obama participates in a Twitter #My2k live question and answer session in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

With Republicans in a sour mood and in disarray following last month’s elections, President Obama appears to have scored a coup in public opinion, with more than 350,000 Americans responding to his call to share stories about what an impending middle-class tax hike would mean to them.

More than 100,000 shared their stories of what losing $2,000 would mean to them on whitehouse.gov, with a peak submission rate of 9,000 per hour, according to a graphic tweeted by the White House. More than 250,000 shared stories via Twitter using the #My2k hastag, with a peak rate of 18,700 tweets per hour, the graphic says.

The $2,000 figure is what many Americans would lose if taxes were allowed to rise for the middle class next year if Democrats and Republicans can’t resolve the debate over the pending “fiscal cliff.”

Obama asked Americans to share their stories as one way to pressure the GOP to approve extended lower tax rates for the middle class next year.

The tax cuts enacted by President George W. Bush a decade ago are set to expire at the end of 2012. Obama and most Democrats want them extended for the middle class but not for the wealthiest taxpayers. So far, Republicans have resisted that approach although negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff are continuing.

“If Congress doesn’t act, a typical middle-class family will see their taxes go up by about $2,000. Last week, President Obama began calling on Americans to make their voices heard and share what $2,000 means to families across the country,” the White House says in a blog post published Monday. “And today, the President connected directly with the Americans who are speaking out about these tax cuts. During a live Twitter Q&A from the Roosevelt Room of the White House, President Obama explained why Congress must act and encouraged people around the country to continue to add their voices to the debate.”


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