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Brave Sir Robin ran away, bravely ran away ..

Every Single Pro-Gun Rights Senator Declined To Appear On Meet The Press Today
Joe Weisenthal / Business Insider
In the wake of the Newtown, CT shooting, all of the Sunday shows are dominated by gun control politics.  —  Meet The Press producer Betsy Fischer Martin tweets …

Funny: With all that macho braying and screaming certitude, these wussies refuse to come out and defend their ugly position.

Or could it be that they’re embarrassed that they made sure the assault weapon ban expired without renewing it? Or perhaps it’s in keeping with the heavily euphemized reality of the slaughter in Connecticut that no one in the media wants to talk about: dum-dum bullets that–while banned from warfare by international treaty since the 1890s–were used to kill those children.

Yes, Virginia, they were dum-dums, sometimes called “holl0w point” or some other euphemism.

What they do is, as the Connecticut medical examiner and New York Times euphemized:

it appeared that all of the children had been killed by a “long rifle” that Mr. Lanza was carrying; a .223 Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle was one of the several weapons police found in the school. The other guns were semiautomatic pistols, including a 10-millimeter Glock and a 9-millimeter Sig Sauer.

The bullets Mr. Lanza used were “designed in such a fashion the energy is deposited in the tissue so the bullet stays in,” resulting in deep damage, Dr. Carver [Connecticut’s chief medical examiner since 1989] said. As to how many bullets Mr. Lanza had fired, Dr. Carver said he did not have an exact count. “There were lots of them,” he said….

“This is probably the worst I have seen or the worst that I know of any of my colleagues having seen.”

Now, I need to do this in the best ethical way I can, so I’m going to show you the reality in the “nicest” way possible:

hollowpoint used on coyote

This is what a dum-dum bullet d0es when used on a coyote

I’m not going to link to it, but if you search using this description by the sho0ter, you’ll find it.

I posted some pics a while back of a coyote that I hit with a 190 Berger VLD (old style). I couldn’t BELIEVE how violently it expanded, especially since it didn’t catch the shoulder or anything. The bullet split the coyote from sternum to testicles. The organs were quite liquified and just fell out of him since he was split. I’ve NEVER seen a bullet expand quite this way, and it was a bit too much for my personal taste in hunting bullets, although great for varmints….

OK. You get it?

Multiply that by 28 and that’s what the Connecticut Medical Examiner and the cops saw. Only they weren’t coyotes.

THAT is what was used on twenty six- and seven-year-old children and eight adults.


1870 Illustration of dum-dums

If you want to see how US troops have used them in Iraq, click here. [Warning: graphic reality.]

I hope to hell that image haunts you. Because that’s the raw truth that we’re being kept from. Dum-dums are not outlawed, as is often thought, by the Geneva Conventions. They were already outlawed BEFORE the Geneva Conventions. But nobody bothered outlawing them for USA in-country use:

The Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, prohibits the use in international warfare of bullets which easily expand or flatten in the body, giving as example a bullet with a jacket with incisions or one that does not fully cover the core. This is often incorrectly believed to be prohibited in the Geneva Conventions, but it significantly predates those conventions, and is in fact a continuance of the Declaration of St Petersburg in 1868, which banned exploding projectiles of less than 400 grams.

Until relatively recently, the prohibition on the use of expanding bullets was only applicable to international armed conflicts. The International Committee of the Red Cross’s customary international law study contends that customary law now prohibits their use in armed conflicts not of an international character.

Yeah. If I were a “brave” Republican Senator, I wouldn’t want to explain to the American People how that happened and why guns are still great, either.



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