Obama ‘Man of The Year,’ But GOP’s Time May Be Past

Time magazine on Wednesday announced President Obama as "Person of the Year."

Time magazine on Wednesday announced President Obama as “Person of the Year.”

Poised on the eve of a second term in the White House and now Time magazine’s 2012 “Person of The Year,” Barack Obama appears to be on the top of his game. The same can’t be said for the Republican Party.

Even as the GOP attempts to go toe-to-toe with the re-elected president as the sides deal to avoid the coming so-called “fiscal cliff,” the Republican brand appears to be sinking into the toilet.

The party, which just two years ago appeared ascendant with tea party fervor, now is mired with just a 31 percent favorable number, with not favorable up to 60 percent, according to a new CBS poll.

Meanwhile, the CBS poll has even more bad news for the GOP. More Americans blame Republicans for difficulties in passing legislation in Congress: Republicans 47 percent / Obama and Dems 24 percent / both 21 percent.

“When I hear people talking about the troubled state of today’s Republican Party, it calls to mind something Lester Maddox said one time back when he was governor of Georgia. He said the problem with Georgia prisons was ‘the quality of the inmates.’ The problem with the Republican Party is the quality of the people who vote in their primaries and caucuses,” prominent Democratic strategist James Carville says in an email sent Monday. “Everybody says they need a better candidate, or they need a better message but — in my opinion — the Republicans have an inmate problem.

“Slightly more sympathetic, my colleague Stan [Greenberg] compares the Republicans to an ‘endangered species.’ But we agree that the strange political obsessions of the Republican base — from denying global warming to defending assault weapons — continue to doom any moderate politicians within their party,” Carville adds.


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