Giving The Speaker His Due

fiscal cliff notes

It’s a train wreck. We all have heard this by n0w.

Will Boehner’s speakership survive until Plan C?
Ezra Klein / Wonkblog

Has there been a House speaker in modern American history with less control over his members than John Boehner?  —  Sad trombone…

Uh, no. The 112th Congress is, arguably, the worst in American history, and in large part that’s Speaker Boehner and his caucus’ fault, pure and simple.

But not so fast. Fanatical ideologues may not see eye to eye, but they CAN appreciate one another. 

This has come to light, perhaps written before Thursday’s debacle, perhaps brand new (0ur sources are keeping mum).

But, comfort might be taken by the Speaker and his Karazee Kaukus; not everyone fears and loathes the Republicans in Congress. Evidently equal praise accumulates for both the GOP House AND GOP Senate members:

al qaeda thank you noteclick to enlarge

Gee. I sure hope that makes the congressional GOP feel better. SOMEbody loves them.



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