In Quiet Ceremony, President Obama Takes Oath


In a private ceremony attended by his wife and two daughters, President Obama was sworn into office fpor his second term, at the White House just before noon today.

Only Michelle Obama, holding her family Bible, and the couple’s daughters, Malia and Sasha, stood beside Mr. Obama, in the grand Blue Room as he recited the oath specified in the Constitution and again administered to him by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.

The chief justice administered the oath faithfully and Mr. Obama repeated it accurately, unlike four years earlier, when Mr. Roberts inverted a few words during the public swearing-in, Mr. Obama echoed the errors, and the oath had to be repeated in private later. The chief justice, who had relied on his famously prodigious memory in 2009, this time took no chances: He read the oath from a printed text.

After they finished, Justice Roberts congratulated Mr. Obama, who thanked him twice as the two shook hands. Mr. Obama next embraced his wife and daughters in turn. His younger daughter, Sasha, said, “Good job, Daddy,” and he replied “I did it!” only to have her joke, in reference to the problem four years earlier, “You didn’t mess up.” Mr. Obama laughed as he turned to the pool of reporters and about a dozen relatives, saying, “Thank you, everybody” before exiting the room.

The traditional inaugural parade, luncheon and inaugural balls will be held tomorrow. I hadn’t really thought about it myself, but if you are curious about what’s available for President Swag, here’s the scoop.

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