President Obama Stands Up

I found myself more moved today by President Obama, than I ever have been in the past. Today, he spoke my language.

Today, President Obama spoke to America about the liberal/progressive values that hold us all up as one nation, together. Is it because he “hears the clock ticking on his last chance to use the power of the presidency on the causes he cares about.” Perhaps…

If anyone were wondering whether Obama wanted to lower expectations for his second term … no, he apparently does not.

President Obama, in his speech “became the progressive leader that many liberals thought they were getting when they voted him into office four years ago.” Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post notes:

This was a speech that could only be given by someone who knew that he would never have to run for re-election again. (Compare Obama’s rhetoric today with the inaugural speech he gave in 2009; they are very different addresses.) This was Obama unbound. Distill Obama’s speech to a single sentence and that sentence is: “I’m the president, deal with it.”

I felt that President Obama braved to take us places today in his inaugural speech, that President Kennedy once braved to take us once so long ago. And if we reflect on the past four years, we can see the ernormous ground work that has been laid for the work yet to be done.

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images/MCT/Newscom

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images/MCT/Newscom

I am a proud Liberal today… I am a proud American today.

May President Obama achieve all he aspire to in this term

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