I Feel Like A Number

And in an appropriately blacked-out Super Bowl, featuring a Mercedes Benz commercial wherein a fellow is tempted to sell his soul for a new, cheap Mercedes (featuring the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” — forever stained by Altamont Race track), one could not escape the feeling that I am no longer a member of an American Middle Class, but, rather, a sad anachronism in a new age of corporate feudalism. Continue reading

VIDEO: Kerry Arrives As New Sec’y of State

Newly sworn in Secretary of State John Kerry arrived for work for the first time Monday, greeted by cheering State Department workers. The former senior senator from Massachusetts, Kerry is the first sitting chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to become secretary in more than a century. Kerry succeeded retiring secretary Hillary Clinton. There will now be a special election in Massachusetts to elect a senator to fill the remaining years of Kerry’s Senate term. “I want to thank President Obama for his trust in me to take on this awesome task, and for his trust in you, every single one of you, and what you do every single day,” he told State employees. Kerry also joked how he … Continue reading