George W. Bush, Sooper Genius

Someone has hacked George W. Bush’s email account.

Audacious Hack Exposes Bush Family Pix, E-Mail
Agoldberg /The Smoking Gun

—  Hacker breached AOL account of ex-president’s sister, other victims  —  The apparent hack of several e-mail accounts has exposed personal photos and correspondence from members of the Bush family, including both former U.S. presidents, The Smoking Gun has learned…

The most intriguing part of this is the revelation that Bush has turned his spare time to painting. Here’s an example:

bush  bath original

Bush bathing (original)

Now, in many ways, this is poetic justice.

After all we are talking about the fellow who shoved through “secret search warrants,” the “Patriot Act,” extraordinary renditions (black bag jobs using friendly foreign governments, we used to call it), waterboarding, Gitmo, et al, etcetera.

So, while I can decry the rape of privacy in our modern world (the REAL issue regarding drones), I cannot empathize with Bush’s exposure. For a man obsessed with his PERSONAL and his father’s official privacy, what justice could be MORE poetic?

bush steams

But I do not believe that just because George W. Bush was the greatest schmuck to ever occupy the White House–legally or illegally–that we should deny him his humanity.

He has some artistic talent. I mean that seriously. But he’s got some work to do to make that talent more than just a curiousity. And, if I might offer a slight, small critique and bit of advice:

Your PERSPECTIVE is implicitly what we’ve all believed for a long time now, George. The world starts at your nose, with the important part being behind it, and the unimportant part being what’s beyond it. Got that. Take a look at the other painting The Smoking Gun unearthed from the hacker:

bush shower original

Bush shower (original)

OK. Got it: Me looking at me in private.

You might consider a world outside yourself, sir. But, again, you have some talent. So let me offer a tip: first let it naturally emanate from your essential self, and second, more important, most paintings and drawings don’t work because you haven’t done enough. (Rarely, you’ll do too much, and the trick is knowing when to stop.)

But in that vein, I’ve added both the “personal” touch and tweaked your painting slightly to give it a more “finished” aspect. And, you’ll have to agree, now it’s YOU.

bush bath FIXED

Bush bathing (fixed)



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