In Coaxing Cooperation From GOP, Reid Quotes Reagan

In seeking new cooperation from Republicans to enact the initiatives President Obama outlined Tuesday in his State of the Union address, the Senate’s top Democrat quoted the late GOP hero, President Ronald Reagan.

With the dawn of Obama’s second term, Republicans have a “second chance to work with Democrats to rebuild the middle class,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says.

“Republicans say they agree the deep cuts they voted for would be damaging to our economy and to national security. But they would rather cut Medicare, education and medical research than close a single wasteful tax loophole or ask a single millionaire to contribute more,” Reid says of the budget cuts the GOP helped enact known as the “sequester.” “They should stop protecting millionaires, billionaires and wealthy corporations, and start working with us to pass an alternative to these terrible cuts that protects the middle class.”

Reid asks Republicans for their help in “investing in the things that made America strong in the first place – world-class roads and bridges, peerless schools, industrious factories and creative entrepreneurs.

“President Ronald Reagan, in his first address to a Joint Session of Congress, spoke of these building blocks of prosperity,” Reid adds. “This is what he said: ‘The substance and prosperity of our nation is built by wages brought home from the factories and the mills, the farms, and the shops. They are the services provided in 10,000 corners of America; the interest on the thrift of our people and the returns for their risk-taking. The production of America is the possession of those who build, serve, create, and produce.’

“He did not say the substance of our nation is built on profits gleaned from shipping jobs overseas. He did not say the prosperity of America is the possession of investment banks or wealthy oil companies alone,” Reid says.


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