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The Republican Party has done an outstanding job at defining President Obama’s administration as spending more of our hard earned taxpayer dollars than any other president in American history. When in fact the evidence speaks to something entirely different; Citing Marketwatch, Rick Ungar a Contributor to Forbes Magazine, reports that President Obama has actually spent less money than any United States President since Dwight Eisenhower. David Gray, a writer for, states that the Republican Party is not being 100% honest with the American people. The raw numbers show that yes, President Obama has spent more money than any other president in the United States, however once you calculate inflation, which is what Republicans are not telling you, President Obama has spent less than any president since Hoover.  If you look at the numbers Reagan, H.W.Bush, Clinton, and G.W.Bush have all out spent President Obama year by year and the amount of spending is not even close. Did you notice that of the four presidents mentioned, three of them are Republicans? YOU DID! Just making sure you were paying attention. 

 Why would normally very fiscally conservative men feel the need yet the obligation to spend taxpayer dollars on government projects and agencies? Maybe it’s because since the mid to late 70’s the private sector has not held up its end of the bargain to employ workers and the American government has had to take on the responsibility of employing its citizens to ensure economic stability. Its simple folks, when private companies merge with other private companies to create a large monopoly, just like the board game it’s a winner take all philosophy. As a result, for the consumers prices on goods and services go up, and wages go down. The only way a true capitalist society can work is if you have competition. The more competition you have the lower the prices have to be in order to remain competitive in the open market and therefore better prices for the consumer. The more competition the more companies have to compete for qualified employees therefore the higher the wages have to be in order to attract the best candidate.

Now this sounds really good in theory the problem is our political leaders have sold us out to corporate America for a piece of the money making action. If you were look at the financial portfolios of our Representatives and Senators at both the state and national levels you would find that many have financial investments in the very same monopolizing companies that are killing our middle class. In the Presidential Election town hall debate this past October, President Obama and Republican Candidate Romney looked as if they were about to go to blows when comparing which one had less money invested in the stock market.  My fellow Americans riddle me this…if our political leaders are suppose to be representing us, “the people”, take their paychecks which is provided by us, “the people”, and invest it into private companies who have made it their business to maximize profits and cut cost who do you think the politicians are going to support; the people or their money? The sad reality remains, our political leaders have zero incentives to challenge corporate America and break-up the monopolies because it’s not about you it’s all about their money. The last time I checked, the American job market is slow and at the same time big businesses are enjoying record profits. This is not a mistake nor is it by chance.

I know you may be asking yourself… what can we do?  It seems as if the game has already been played and won while the American people are still looking around waiting for a chance to play. My friends the game is not over and we still have some counter moves to make. The first thing that must be done is to change the perceptions of “The Union”. The American Union needs complete public relations over haul ASAP! As of now the Union is the only defense between corporate greed and a strong middle class. There is a “New Majority Coalition” in American politics. This new majority has established its voting power by electing and re-electing President Obama. The new majority must elect public officials at the state and national levels that will not accept contributions from any and all corporations. This means we must demand campaign finance reform which removes corporate America out of the buying elections business. The new majority must use its voting power to demand that our public officials break-up these corporate monopolies. I know many of you are going to say “corporations will never allow that to happen they are too powerful.”  Well ladies and gentlemen once upon a time there was a huge corporation called Standard Oil owned by John D Rockefeller still to this day the most powerful and influential corporation in American history. The American government took it down and broke it up into thirty-five different companies because they realized that Rockefeller’s monopoly on oil production was not in the best interest of the American people. So never believe it can’t be done. Last and most important we must make it law that no public official including their staff can invest in any corporation or business outside of government control. This means that politicians can not invest in companies like gun manufacturers, Walmart, or banks. The average Congressman makes $175,000 per year, if they can’t live off of that alone then too bad go do something else.

The United States government was design to protect the people from all threats both foreign and domestic. The greed of man and the greed of corporate America is a threat to the economic stability of its citizens and must be kept at a distantane from our government. The government can’t protect the people if they too are in the money making business instead of the business of serving the people. When has it ever been honorable to go into public service, to become a millionaire?

David Washington

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