DNC Infographic: Stop The Sequester

DNC_SequesterJust days before $85 billion in deep federal budget cuts are to take effect, the Democratic National Committee is circulating a new online infographic aimed at pressuring Republicans to back President Obama’s plan to avoid the so-called sequester.

“If Republicans in Congress don’t act by Friday to stop the so-called sequester, there will be far-reaching consequences on our economy. These disastrous consequences are completely avoidable, and the President has a balanced plan to stop the sequester,” says DNC Executive Director Patrick Gaspard says in an email with the infographic.

Gaspard asks supporters to share the infographic via Twitter, Facebook and other online tools.

President Obama warned of the consequences of the sequester in his recent State of the Union address. The sequester was devised as a sort of “doomsday device” enacted as part of the budget deal of 2011.

Obama wants to avert the sequester through a combination of budget cuts and tax increases. Republicans have thus far opposed further tax increases.

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