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In the midst of the moral conflagration over the Steubenville Rape convictions, comes Nora Louise Kuzma, Steubenville Rape Victim to Bravely Speak Out Against Steubenville.

nancy grace defender of public morality

It’s time t0 pass Moral Judgement!

If we are to be moral bastards, then let us be equally moral bastards in all directions, shall we? I might make the mistake of suggesting that we not use an event of which we have zero personal experience to blow moral exhaust past our cylinders and really blow out those pistons, but that suggestion has never been met with so much as civility, and so I bravely take up my torch to morally judge others. In this case, Traci Lords.

But heark! Listen to the hue and cry:

Candy Crowley Oozes Sympathy for Steubenville Rapists
Karoli / Crooks and Liars

 Shortly after the guilty verdict in the Steubenville rape case was announced, Candy Crowley took to the airwaves to report it and connect with their reporter on the ground for more details.  Her lead-in to the remote shot was shameful….

I make no comment except to note that the selfsame CNN had Piers Morgan interviewing Traci Lords on Friday, because, as Nora Kuzma, she grew up in Steubenville …

Here is the video:


And here is the transcript:

I was born and raised in Ohio and I was also raped in Ohio, as was my mother. I think that there is a thickness in that city, and I was so horrified by these images and the way that this young girl was treated and I got really angry so I wrote a song called “Stupidville” which is what all the locals in Steubenville, Ohio used to call Steubenville….

Here’s the (longer, to be fair) CNN streaming video (but probably not for long).

My point is only this: being raped in Steubenville thirty years ago no more makes you an authority on Rape in Steubenville than my being bullied in Laramie, Wyoming forty years ago makes me an authority on the death of Matt Shepherd. They are all events spread over many years, anecdotal and perhaps parallel, but certainly NOT a particular judgement on either town across all time and space. That’s a ridiculous stereotype.


Lords is third from Right

Traci Lords “felt she must speak out,” and (coincidentally) has “written a song.”

Gee. I wonder when said song is going to come out?

And will anybody have anything to say about one woman making money off the rape of another?

Because that’s the Traci Lords I always knew of: it was always about her, and, seeing her chance, got former Murdoch sleazemeister, now CNN sleazemeister Piers Morgan to book her. Between Candy Crowley and Piers Morgan, we’ve just about got the entire moral universe covered, don’t we?


CNN, the most busted name in news.

Pitchforks up.



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