Foster and Tucker’s Dominican Hookers

Foster Friess loves to wallow in his philanthropy. Nothing makes him happier than standing in front of a room full of adoring idiots while he puts on his “aw gee shucks” BS about what a great “Christian” he is, and what a GOOD guy he thinks he is. (Evidently he hasn’t bothered reading the Book of Matthew.)

friess CPAC award w santorum

Hooker sugar daddy at CPAC
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He did it this weekend between the Santorum speech and the Romney speech, accepting an “award” at CPAC that seems suspiciously minted just for the occasion*. So that Foster could bray about what a good fellow he is. At least three Dominican hookers have benefited from his largesse, we can happily report today:

3 women were paid to falsely claim they had sex with Menendez, Dominican police say
New Jersey Online

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Three women were paid to falsely claim in videotaped interviews that they had sex for money with U.S. Senator Robert Menendez in the Dominican Republic, a spokesman for the police said today.

The women, whose claims generated media attention in the United States, were hired by a Dominican attorney to make the videotaped statements, spokesman Maximo Baez told reporters. Two of the women received about $425 and the other was paid about $300, he said.

Authorities are seeking to interrogate the attorney, Melanio Figueroa, about the payments and have not determined his motive or whether he was in turn paid by someone else to set up the interviews, Baez said…

Awww. Isn’t that SPECIAL?

[* Salon says: “Thus, there was an odd scene on the main stage here where Friess received an award from Santorum in honor of his donations to Santorum. Friess funds other conservative causes as well, including a reportedly sizable investment in the Daily Caller website….“]

Foster underwrites the Daily Caller to the tune of millions of dollars. An initial  three million dollar investment (that we know of), and then a doubling down last year, claiming that it was so Tucker could reinject some “civility” into politics. From Howie Kurtz, Washington Post, 2010 [emphasis added]:

Friess says by e-mail: “Tucker and Neil present a huge opportunity to re-introduce civility to our political discourse. They are mature, sensible men who are very thoughtful and experienced with pleasant senses of humor and do not take themselves too seriously. They want to make a contribution to the dialogue that occurs in our country that has become too antagonistic, nasty and hostile. . . .”

Perhaps The Daily Caller became jealous that had the monopoly on all the pimp action

Which was a lie at the time. If it had ever been true, it certainly wasn’t when Foster doubled down, after Tucker Carlson and Friess’ Jackson Hole, Wyoming neighbor, Neil Patel (Jackson neighbor Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, conveniently) turned the Daily Caller into a parallel to Dead Breitbart’s destructo-blogging.

Foster LOVES the hate, else he wouldn’t be funding it. Don’t buy the horsefeathers of plausible deniability (‘I don’t tell them what to do.’*)

[* But surely having the longtime Republican donor play sugar daddy for both a top presidential candidate and Carlson’s website creates a perception problem. “I have zero interest in what people think about that,” Carlson says. “There’s not a conflict of interest or an appearance of a conflict. Foster has not sought to influence our coverage in any way.” reports The Daily Beast  Because Tucker Carlson is SO above journalistic ethics or being questioned about same …]


Smug Foster and gal-pal: when he’s not paying for hookers

No: Foster paid for those hookers as surely as if he’d laid cash down on the barrelhead to partake of their professional services himself.

Just. Connect. The. Dots. Media.

Of course, metaphorically, Tucker and Neil ARE his hookers, and, even after the relentless personal destruction The Daily Caller has made its stock-in-trade, he’s still PROUD of them. Including the Menenedez phony hooker story.

Tucker and Neil paid those hookers, hoping to frame Bob Menendez days before the election, and, having failed to influence the outcome, have now come up with a domestic “escort” who claims to work the Eastern Seaboard. And was undoubtedly paid, as well. There is ONE truth about hookers: they don’t give it away for free and stay in business very long.

friess backs santorum in Iowa

Foster’s LAST big political hooker investment, in Iowa, January 2012

So, how many whores has Foster Friess paid for? And how many have Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel “interviewed” on Foster’s dime?

Because the ONLY fact that emerges after these months of attempted smear and political assassination from that “civility” that Foster Friess is bankrolling is that his money has INTENTIONALLY paid for prostitutes. Lots and lots of prostitutes.


Tucker being civil and hiring hookers to lie

What a fine moral “Christian” Foster is.

All that “philanthropy.”

[Can hardly wait to see what satanic spin TDC comes up with to try and lie THIS one away. UPDATE here, whenever they do.

[OK! Here ’tis. A strange story that is part AP and part The Daily Caller, NOTwritten by the journalist whose nuts are in a sling if it proves that he’s the forger and briber of hookers (David Martosko). STERLING “journalism” Foster/Tucker. By Vince Coglianese, “Senior Online Editor”:

Dominican police: Three women lied about sex with Menendez
4:47 PM 03/18/2013

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP/The Daily Caller) — Police in the Dominican Republic say ….

[NOTE: This is the same story quoted above, UNTIL IT CHANGES to Daily Caller propaganda, about here …]

Later, undisclosed changes to the Post’s online version of the report backed away from asserting that the woman they described had spoken with TheDC.

Indeed, a separate ABC News report revealed that the television outlet had also interviewed two of the same women TheDC had, opening the possibility that the interview described by The Washington Post was one conducted by ABC News.

It remains unclear if the individual who signed the affidavit as Nexis de los Santos Santana is one of the women seen in interviews with TheDC or ABC News, though the latter outlet relied on a “Dominican official” to say that one of the women in ABC’s interview was de los Santos.

TheDC has not independently verified the identities of the women involved in the Dominican National Police investigation, but will continue to investigate the case.

statement released by the police made no mention of TheDC.]

[Awww . Isn’t that just precious …? The subtle smear on credibility that “it remains unclear” about a story refuting a story based on anonymous paid foreign hookers has GOT to be a record in the Anals (sic) of Journalism.]


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