Why Do They Continue The Big Lie?

Yesterday was the anniversary of the famed “toppling of Saddam’s statue” in Baghdad. And the stench of Goebbels-esque propaganda wafts on, still available for all to see. On MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell interviewed the Marine who had the American flag that Saddam’s statue’s face got wiped with. On CBS overnight, a DIFFERENT Marine claimed to be that face wiper guy and they even had a pissed off sledgehammer wielder from the base.

And they showed the “giant crowds” lie footage, still pretending that it wasn’t THIS:

wide angle baghdad

The Reuters wide-angle shot of the face-wiping and statue tearing down.


I don’t get it. Here was a guest editorial in the formerly printed Seattle Post-Intelligencer from May 29, 2003 [emphasis added]:

Lights, camera, rescue
Published 10:00 pm, Thursday, May 29, 2003

… Shortly after the world was wowed by TV coverage of the toppling of Saddam’s statue, doubts were raised. A Reuters photo of the square was circulated showing a much smaller crowd than the close-up TV footage implied. Eyewitness accounts belied the news coverage of a “jubilant” crowd: ” … it happened at only about 300 meters from where I was, and it was a very small crowd. The rest of the square was almost empty, and when we inquired as to where the crowd came from, it was from Saddam City (a poor neighborhood some distance away). In other words, it was a rent-a-crowd” (Rev. Neville Watson, interviewed on SBS-TV, Australia).

British columnist Robert Fisk, writing from Baghdad on April 11 for The Independent, described the statue episode as “… the most staged photo opportunity since Iwo Jima.” And this from David Robie, senior lecturer at Auckland University of Technology: “I watched BBC World in the lead-up to the toppling. The square was largely empty except for three strategically positioned U.S. Abrams tanks and an armored personnel carrier plus a small paltry crowd of 100 or so, many of then apparently journalists. A BBC World news presenter kept asking, ‘Where is everybody?’

Here is the Reuters shot, enhanced by antiwar.com:

statue scene

click to enlarge

It was known and suppressed at the time and, ten years later, the mainstream press is STILL pushing the toxic lie that there was a massive demonstration at the toppling of Saddam, and a staged “photo-op” to nail down Cheney’s assertion that we were being greeted with flowers, etc.

Now: look at the MSNBC clip and notice how sparsely populated the background is:

saddam statue screen cap

screencap — watch the original MSNBC feed (click here)


April 9, 2003: Saddam Hussein’s statue falls 
April 9, 2013 11:02 AM

One of the most symbolic images from the Iraq war was when the U.S. military pulled down the statue of former president Saddam Hussein that stood in central Baghdad.

CBS screencap from rerun of 2003 video

CBS screencap from rerun of 2003 video

And they presented the fellow wiping Saddam’s face … a DIFFERENT fellow:

CBS screencap from rerun of 2003 video2

US troops pull down statue in “spontaneous” demonstration

History rewritten yesterday: “The iconic moment of the Iraq war” (CBS: Jim Axelrod). Yeah, it was “iconic” all right. A straight up propaganda lie, like the rest of that war. But CBS still has to play the party line, and shows only the manipulated closeup shot. AND NEVER the wide angle shot. THEIR interview? This guy:

Saddam statue smearing CBS


marine sgt ed chin CBS


CBS reporter Axelrod’s narration: “Three weeks into the war, Marine sergeant Ed Chin got the order, ‘Help the Iraqis celebrating in Baghdad’s Fardus  Square topple the statue of Saddam Hussein’ …

CBS Fardus Square 2003

Now, notice how sparse the “crowd” really is. (Before the topple)

Here’s the “updated” story:

Two different sides to Saddam statue story
April 9, 2013 4:28 PM
On the tenth anniversary of the iconic toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue in Iraq, Jim Axelrod speaks with two men who were there, but experienced it in very different ways.

Which, weirdly, interviews the flag guy (but not, evidently, its owner, the MSNBC Lieutenant above) and a fellow with a sledge-hammer at the base, a “real” Iraqi trying to emulate the goat with high hopes, who now has moved to Lebanon and thinks Iraq is worse off than it was before the invasion. Sergeant Flag Propaganda disagrees, as though he knows ANYTHING about it at all. A pawn of the Bush Administration during the war, he inadvertently remains a propaganda mouthpiece disagreeing with the Iraqi in exile. Let’s not go into it.

Why? Because CBS reported the “controversy” regarding the ten years since, but CONTINUED TO SHOW THE LIE of the big crowd in the empty square.

This is Nazi propaganda. This is Soviet propaganda. But it is not freedom of the press, nor is it reportage nor is it VAGUELY the truth. You see, the Reuters reporter was at the hotel across from the square where Western journalists were housed, and taking the honest wide angle picture was easy. Here are some more REAL pictures. Put them together with the propagandists’ cropped shots above and realize just how viciously you’ve been lied to. AND ARE STILL BEING LIED TO BY NBC and CBS!


Square from journalists’ hotel


Square after arrival of Marines assigned to topple statue


Close up of “huge” crowd


So called “iconic” moment, courtesy of unknown Goebbels in D.C.

And here is that Marine crew in a photo from that day.

Chin and Marines in Baghdad square

Because the Iraqis couldn’t topple the statue by themselves. 
Too busy collecting flowers to throw at US troops, evidently

We were LIED to. We continue to be LIED to, and CBS and MSNBC (and lord knows who else) continue to feed us a cropped video intended to manipulate and distort our view of reality in a manner that Stalin AND Hitler AND Idi Amin AND Kim Jong Un would appreciate.

Don’t you just feel PROUD to be an American?

You have to TRY to manipulate those images to NOT show how empty the square is. You can’t just do it by accident. You have to COLLABORATE in the lie, intentionally framing the images to suggest crowds that AREN’T THERE!


Got it? The networks were collaborators and quislings then. They REMAIN so today. Their “reputation” being more important than their mission to bring us the “news.”

Some Marine sergeant is asked whether an Iraqi living in exile, a man wielding a sledgehammer  in that square in his city, his country, his land is right in thinking Iraq is worse off than it was under Saddam. And the Marine says: naw, Saddam was a bad guy and the Iraqi is wrong. THAT is what passes for “debate” on the new, castrated CBS, Murrow without balls, Cronkite without a prick, Rather without a forebrain.

I could go on but I have to throw up. Excuse me.

Here’s what ABC News is vomiting, via AP:

10-Year Anniversary of Baghdad Fall to US Forces

BAGHDAD April 9, 2013 (AP)

 Ten years ago, a statue fell in Baghdad’s Firdous Square. Joyful Iraqis helped by an American tank retriever pulled down their longtime dictator, cast as 16 feet of bronze. The scene broadcast live worldwide became an icon of the war, a symbol of final victory over Saddam Hussein….

And the lie is perpetuated. The myth is reinforced. But they ALL had every opportunity to learn the truth. Instead, they reprint the lies. Seig heil, y’all.

Here’s some sites for further pictures and reading:

And the worst moment of all, the soul of the maggot, the festering pustule of the empty golem of modern news comes at the tag, as Scott Pelley enables the liars, the murderers and the war mongers with his eloquent, satanic tag to that report…

“And the debate goes on.”

Yeah. That’s deep. 


Newspaperman Hearst’s propaganda
to get us into the  Spanish-American War
(It worked, too!)

Almost as deep as the hole y0u bastards buried your souls in.


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