Loony Weekend Commences


The Bonfire of the Hannitys focuses its annual loon-fest in Houston this weekend. Sarah Palin, looking more and more like a clever Alien simulacrum of what they consider a generic middle-aged SUV driver brought down the house with a paean to stupidity, as mellifluous as fingernails on a blackboard …

Sarah Palin gets standing O from NRA crowd
James Hohmann / Politico

HOUSTON — Sarah Palin said Friday that the elite media would never let a Republican president get away with what Barack Obama has done in his push for new gun laws.  —  The former Alaska governor recalled that the national press “tore apart” …

And did a whole chewing tobacco schtick and threw out her catchphrases, variants of “Big Brother Loves You” one and all, and, expressing hatred and contempt for thought, observation and reason, and accomplishing a spectacular non-trashing of Shakespeare in perhaps the worst riff on Henry V ever enunciamated by the underedumacated.

Is our children learning? No.

T’wer NOT A little touch of Harry in the night. *

YouTube Official NRA Palin Speech

I watched it (all twelve minutes) so that you don’t have to. But, if you feel the masochistic NEED, you can click on the video link above.

I don’t recommend it.

The death squawk of the dying boobie is not a thing to hear for long.

Next up, Ted Nugent explains his prognosticatorial failure and sechlike.

We loves us some guns. Hoo haw.

targeting pistols

That’s why there’s a national ammunition shortage and it isn’t even hunting season.


* Google it, dammit!

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