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ALG-howie rich-IRS-healthcare

Long-time David Koch associate and political operative Howard Rich
has this up on the “Americans for Limited Government” website

I am reliably informed that this was the thesis statement from Sunday’s”Them Scandals“:

Obamacare kicks in in 2014. So, with only a little more than seven months to derail it, the GOPs is gonna be trying some desperate measures to abort it in its third trimester, cutting its little spinal cord even if it’s almost out of the birth canal, right?

“Reliably informed” because I took honors English in college and, thus, was never taught what a “thesis statement” actually is, and have to rely on the word of my college girlfriend and her roommate. I am not here to praise college English, but to gild my thesis statement.

Under ObamaCare, IRS Is Creating Chaos For Doctors, Patients
Charles Willey, M.D. / Investor’s Business Daily

IRS Illegally Usurps Congress with New Law in Obamacare

As an internist, I have dedicated my 30-year career to advancing the long-term health of all of my patients, one patient at a time.

Unfortunately, the greatest barrier to this goal is government intervention into my professional judgment, my office management and my patient care. This has been increasingly true long before enactment of the onerous Affordable Care Act (ACA), but it’s especially true now.

ObamaCare is being increasingly recognized as a “train wreck.” Trust me: it is demoralizing doctors, distracting providers toward bureaucracy and away from patient care. It is disrupting quality and access, and damaging health…

This is not the only drumbeat, but it pays the observant reader to note that senile Obama Über-hater and former Laura Bush press spokeserpent Andrew Malcolm (whom I am reliably informed is NOT a vicious, sleazy monster in person, but only in print) was hired away from the LA Times (where he had become an embarrassment) by  Investors Business Daily. But that’s just the top of the iceberg.

bachmann tp rebuttal

Fake human delivers fake message for fake Tea Party, legitimized by PBS

Last night, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show missed the clue when Michelle Bachmann talked about how the IRS could have “life or death” control of our lives (rolling out the tired old “Death Panels” cavil with a fresh coat of paint.) Stewart said she was “insane,” but, really, she’s just the loony canary in the crazy coal mine.

Today on NPR’s “talk of the nation” a far-too-rehearsed-caller drew the “IRS = YOUR HEALTH CARE” talking point. The more you look, the more it’s present, with a fairly simple-to-divine campaign:

  1. Scare everybody about the IRS (even though all sides admit that there has been ZERO harm!) and,
  2. Then show how the IRS will be IN CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH CARE!!

I don’t want to go into the self-serving lies of the good Doctor above, but consider this statement:

ObamaCare is being increasingly recognized as a “train wreck.” Trust me…

Yeah. I’ll trust you. And you know why?


Because I’m extremely gullible. Why, I’m certain the “government” interference in his “long” career in medicine is far more intrusive than insurance company interference.

Because, as you know, the government micromanages every aspect of health care, where private insurance companies give doctors WIDE latitude and NEVER have a claims adjustor with zero medical expertise approve and disapprove specific treatments, etc.


Dr. Know-It-All edumacates us idjits

Why it’s just SUCH an argument for single-payer coverage that I’m surprised that our medical Super-Genius  didn’t notice it. But note the poker “tell” in the bluff: “train wreck.”

american liberty tour

Astroturf Tea Party Tour 2009-2010

Too many voices have–without actual evidence–invoked the mantrum for it NOT to have been a manufactured talking point.

And, as noted, THAT is the point of this NON-harmful, NON-substantive freakout. Otherwise, well, we have not nearly enough padded rooms and straitjackets. I’d go with the former, were I you, but believe what you will: if the quaint notion that idiots and ideologues, desperate to stop health care have all INDEPENDENTLY come up with this, including the catch phrases, believe it to your lack-of-heart’s desire. For the rest of us:


Liberty News Report
date: Tue, May 21, 2013
subject: ObamaCare Threatened by IRS Megastorm
signatory: Eric Odom

Sent out self-proclaimed Tea Party founder Eric Odom yesterday. Who was working for Americans for Limited Government “spinoff” Sam Adams Alliance when he started the first Tea Party website, and which sponsored various “Tea Party” bus tours WITH ALG and SAA back in the “good old daze.” Here’s that “grass roots” tour from 2009:

Welcome to the online HQ of the American Liberty Tour!

The American Liberty Tour is a collaborative project of the American Liberty AllianceAmerican Majority, and Americans for Limited Government.

The ALT crew will be stopping in 17 cities during the month long, cross country tour. Each stop will provide an opportunity for candidate training, blogger breakfast meetings, activists training and large scale Liberty Rallies.

Join “Joe the Plumber”, Lloyd Marcus (The Tea Party Song), Ned Ryun (American Majority), Eric Odom (, Ken Marrero (American Liberty Alliance), Adam Bitely (NetRight Nation) and many others at an American Liberty Tour stop near you!

Yeah. REAL “grassroots” and “independent.” Note “Eric Odom” from Sam Adams Alliance, and Adam Bitely from
Net Right Nation” — a wholly-owned subsidiary of Americans for Limited Government!

By 2010, ALG has vanished as a sponsor, but the Sam Adams Alliance is there in its stead. (Note to those who would track these political scammers: follow the people, not the entity names, which are merely masks, or, as the cops call ’em A/K/As, or aliases.

tour sponsors feb 2010

Tour sponsors as of 4 Feb 2010

By March 8, the Sam Adams Alliance had been added to the header, along with ALG:

Welcome to the online HQ of the American Liberty Tour!

The American Liberty Tour is a collaborative project of the American Liberty AllianceAmericans for Limited Government and the Sam Adams Alliance.

Which begs the question: how come NO media entity has made the connection between these Koch-flavored entities (And the ever-phony ‘Tea Party Express’ whose 2010 marquee tour names are virtually identical to the 2009-2010 “American Liberty Tour”? (“Joe the Plumber”, Lloyd Marcus (The Tea Party Song)*, etc. etc.)

Probably because they’re incompetent idiots, else quisling collaborators.

Right CNN? (See “The Most Busted Name in News” 19 July 2010)

Or here, from May 17 (from the astroturf “Tea Party Express”):


You will never believe the latest news coming out of Washington! The woman who was in charge of the tax-exempt organizations at the IRS while it was unfairly targeting Tea Party groups now runs the IRS office responsible forObamacare!

Previously, it was only a fear that under Obamacare the government could use personal medical records against those that opposed the agenda of the party controlling the White House, but now it is a distinct possibility! has been all over this story, but there is not a lot coming from the mainstream media …


CNN thinks this isn’t an astroturf group out of Sacramento, being run
by Howard Kaloogian and Saul Russo, who, with Darrell Issa,
masterminded the Calif. Gov.  Gray Davis recall. CNN is wrong.

I don’t mind that news organizations are manned with idiots, droolers, feeble-minded amoral dorks and other self-anointed ‘super-geniuses’. That’s always been true, of course.*

crazyDefending your freedom

[* Speaking of Tea Party Tour Token Lloyd Marcus, BTW, he regularly spams for the “Tea Party Express” under one of its A/K/As, the “conservative campaign” still out of RMR in Sacramento, still squeezing dollars from “true believers”:

Lloyd Marcus <>
date: Mon, May 20, 2013
subject: Shhh!! Obama doesn’t want this to get out

This is the audio from a new TV ad campaign that demands Barack Obama be held accountable for the lies and cover up surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack. It features the parents of two of the Americans killed in the attack. Please take a moment to listen to the audio of this powerful new ad – LISTEN HERE.

Tomorrow we will release the final version of the TV ad – complete with visuals. What we need to do right now is raise the money to air this TV ad campaign so that every American learns that the Obama administration has lied to them about Benghazi and is covering up the truth.

We need your help to purchase airtime for this TV ad campaign. Please make a contribution to our TV ad fund. You can contribute anywhere from as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000 – CONTRIBUTE HERE.

 (et al, ad nauseum, ad infinitum) …]

Llyod Marcus aka (Black) Unhyphenated American

Lloyd Marcus tea partying

But I DO mind that MY health care is at risk from a transparent smear and slur campaign, and nobody
“responsible” in the so-called “liberal” media says a word. Ceding the field to Drudge and the other propagandists.

Like Andrew Malcolm and IBD.


Malcolm: Obama-hater

Somebody’s sick here, but, thus far, it ain’t me.

Drudge obamacare scare

Drudge weighs in on the talking point … (screencap)


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