‘There’s A Grief That Can’t Be Spoken …’

I searched for him for years and then, almost by accident, I found the story right there at home, in the Santa Fe New Mexican. Even odder, one of the stories, a front page story, was dated 1990, and I was LIVING in Santa Fe in 1990, and read the paper just about every day. How did I miss it? Continue reading

The Treasonous Shame of Forbes Magazine

What Mr. Lost Cause writes (with the hilarious projection “The rewritten history of the Civil War began …”) is straight up Neoconfederate hogwash, intended to drop a turd in the punchbowl of the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg and Vicksburg. Continue reading

Pink Sneaks Cushion a Will for Women’s Rights

  by Walter and Rosemary Brasch   The filibuster is at the core of the U.S. senate. It’s also why nothing of much significance has been done the past decade. Under Senate rules, senators can filibuster any legislation. They can just stand up and start talking. They can talk about anything they wish. They can read from telephone books, or even take bathroom breaks. They can also yield the floor to like-minded senators. Even a threat of a filibuster—it doesn’t have to be carried out—is enough to stop legislation. Senate rules require that 60 percent of the senate must vote to stop a filibuster. Knowing this, the Republicans, a minority party in the Senate, have consistently blocked legislation just by … Continue reading

The Alter Boys Continue to Despise the People and their Votes

Rather than openly gut the Voting Rights Act, they merely poison it so that it cannot be used.[ Way to go, Supes! One of those “too clever by half” Machiavellian dodges they specialize in. Continue reading

Peggy Noonan and the Cuckoo Birds

The “Tea Party” is a multi-headed hydra founded and funded by the Kochtopus. I covered this at length in 2010, and it’s NOT in dispute. The “cuckoo” Tea Partiers are NOT Republicans, but a fifth column within the GOP who are responsible as much as anyone and MORE than anyone for creating the long paralysis of the congress since 2011. Continue reading

Your Friendly Neighborhood Totalitarian State

by Walter Brasch  It makes no difference if Edward Snowden, who had fled to Hong Kong and revealed that the American government was spying upon American citizens, is a traitor or a hero. Intelligence agencies from China, Russia, England, Israel, and maybe even Lichtenstein, probably already know that the National Security Administration (NSA) is collecting data of all the phone calls and emails of Americans, and linking them to conversations with foreign nationals. What is unsettling is that everything the NSA is doing is legal. Secret federal courts can issue secret warrants to agencies that maintain secret files. Americans who have been paying attention should also know that electronic spying—it sounds better when the government says it’s data mining to … Continue reading