IRS: It’s a Witch Hunt! (Surprise! Surprise!)


House Oversight Committee Chairman
Issa (R. Cloudcuckooland) .

Darrell Issa is nothing if not consistent … consistently creepy. From the guy who turned a life of being a car thief into a life of selling anti-car-theft “Club”s to protect us from people like him, Issa is now Chair of the House Oversight Committee claiming to “protect” us from imaginary boogiemen. (How long before he makes more money teaching us how to protect ourselves from demagogues like … Darrell Issa?):

D_IssaIssa hunts witches

CNN Host Corners Darrell Issa Over Claim That Obama Conspired To Target Tea Party
Igor Volsky / ThinkProgress

[…] Relying on interviews the Committee staff conducted with IRS officers who applied the additional scrutiny to Tea Party and patriot groups, Issa claimed “the indication is they were directly being ordered from Washington.” “The reason Lois Lerner tried to take the Fifth [Amendment], it’s because this was a problem coordinated in all likelihood right out of Washington headquarters and we’re getting to proving it,” Issa told [CNN’s Candy] Crowley, referring to the the embattled head of the IRS’ exempt organizations division who refused to testify before Congress and has since been placed on administrative leave.

Ah, Darrell Knows All, Sees All! The story continues:

To substantiate his claim, Issa provided CNN with selected excerpts from his staff’s interviews with IRS agents. But as Crowley quickly pointed out, the portion Issa cherry picked did not definitely prove that officials in Washington D.C. directed IRS officers to target conservative groups. In fact, after hearing Crowley read the transcript of an interview, Issa himself admitted that he has yet to uncover evidence that demonstrates IRS coordination with Washington …


Mr. Issa: You were acting on orders from the White House
weren’t you? We have the transcripts! 
Mr. Rambo: $%#@%$

Remember, this is the fellow who conspired with the present day “Tea Party Express” head honchos Howard Kaloogian and Sal Russo to “recall” (take out) then-California Governor Gray Davis, over what turned out to be the rape of California electricity ratepayers by now-defunct ENRON.

The poisoned apple doesn’t fall very far from the poisoned tree.

L to R Badinov, Natasha, Fearless Leader

California GOP politics-as-usual

Does it?

When you are LOOKING for a scandal that you “know” you have, AND you have a “media” who are entirely happy to make up “facts”* in pursuit of that “scandal” you are pretty much guaranteed to “find” it. Of course, the other patients on your ward may not agree with you.

[* Tucker Calson/Foster Friess’s Daily Caller reported the “fact.” Which turned out to be completely FALSE.]

The coup d’etat by the traitors of our Constitution through inaction and now action continues apace.

vote north and south

Because whether you voted FOR the president or voted AGAINST, it’s your vote and your election that’s ultimately being pissed on. Just sit in the other guys’ shoes for a moment: when elections become subservient to congressional whims, you just wasted your time for every time you got conned into voting.

Hunker down and keep your powder* dry. You’re going to need it.


[* Bisquick®]

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