Peggy Noonan and the Cuckoo Birds

Browning tea party

Republicans? Really?

The cuckoo is noted for laying their eggs in other, dumber, birds’ nests, so that the victim will incubate and feed the young cuckoos — freeing the cuckoos of the tough job of hatchling raising. Peggy Noonan would not be, in this scenario, a cuckoo, but, rather the VICTIM of the cuckoos.

Where Was the Tea Party?
Peggy Noonan’s Blog
(Rupert Murdoch’s) The Wall Street Journal

One of the great questions about the 2012 campaign has been “Where was the tea party?” They were not the fierce force they’d been in the 2010 cycle, when Republicans took back the House. Some of us think the answer to the question is: “Targeted by the IRS, buried under paperwork and unable to raise money.”

The economist Stan Veuger, on the American Enterprise Institute‘s blog, takes the question a step further.

The Democrats had been badly shaken by the Republican comeback of 2010. They feared a repeat in 2012 that would lose them the White House.

Might targeting the tea-party groups—diverting them, keeping them from forming and operating—seem a shrewd campaign strategy in the years between 2010 and 2012? Sure. Underhanded and illegal, but potentially effective….

This is so wrong and so idiotic on so many levels that one can clearly see how people like Noonan are so easily conned by the political equivalent of cuckoos. Even as they continue to lay political eggs. Like this one.

snookiPeggy Noonan shears ever closer to Snooki

Pity the poor Peggy.

The “Tea Party” is a multi-headed hydra founded and funded by the Kochtopus. I covered this at length in 2010, and it’s NOT in dispute.

Using a 501(c)4 to hide secret contributions is antithetical to the very notion of a free society and technically unlawful by statute but not, oddly, by IRS regulation.


The “cuckoo” Tea Partiers are NOT Republicans, but a fifth column within the GOP who are responsible as much as anyone and MORE than anyone for creating the long paralysis of the congress since 2011.

Mitt Romney’s backing of liars, damned liars and statisticians were never able to assist Mitt because they could never find the back of a two-faced liar who moved too mercurially for them to “back.”

None of this is controversial. None of this is difficult to suss out.

All of this makes a slightly less-than-psychotic version of sour grapes. Which leads inexorably to one conclusion:

Peggy Noonan needs to get her eyes examined.

But she isn’t cuckoo: only exploited by them.


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