The Alter Boys Continue to Despise the People and their Votes


Another day of destroying democracy! (click for larger)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is reading this as I copy and paste her words:

In the Court’s view, the very success of §5 of the Voting Rights Act demands its dormancy. Congress was of another mind. Recognizing that large progress has been made, Congress determined, based on a voluminous record, that the scourge of discrimination was not yet extirpated.

The question this case presents is who decides whether, as currently operative, §5 remains justifiable,1 this Court, or a Congress charged with the obligation to enforce the post-Civil War Amendments “by appropriate legislation.” With overwhelming support in both Houses, Congress concluded that, for two prime reasons, §5 should continue in force, unabated. First, continuance would facilitate completion of the impressive gains thus far made; and second, continuance would guard against backsliding.

Those assessments were well within Congress’ province to make and should elicit this Court’s unstinting approbation….

But they didn’t.

SCOTUS blog reports:

10:34 [AM EDT]
Amy Howe: Today’s holding in Shelby County v. Holder, in Plain English: Today the Court issued its decision in Shelby County v. Holder, the challenge to the constitutionality of the preclearance provisions of the Voting Rights Act. That portion of the Act was designed to prevent discrimination in voting by requiring all state and local governments with a history of voting discrimination to get approval from the federal government before making any changes to their voting laws or procedures, no matter how small. In an opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts that was joined by Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito, the Court did not invalidate the principle that preclearance can be required. But much more importantly, it held that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, which sets out the formula that is used to determine which state and local governments must comply with Section 5’s preapproval requirement, is unconstitutional and can no longer be used. Thus, although Section 5 survives, it will have no actual effect unless and until Congress can enact a new statute to determine who should be covered by it.

Ah clever Alter Boys!

CNN Reports:

 Supreme Court limits federal oversight of Voting Rights Act
Bill Mears

Washington (CNN) — A deeply divided Supreme Court has limited use of a key provision in the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965, in effect invalidating federal enforcement over all or parts of 15 states with past history of voter discrimination.

The court said it is now up to congressional lawmakers to revise the law to meet constitutional scrutiny.

“Our country has changed, and while any racial discrimination in voting is too much, Congress must ensure that the legislation it passes to remedy that problem speaks to the current conditions,” said Chief Justice John Roberts for the 5-4 conservative majority.


History’s verdict is already in on the Roberts
Court. All that now remains is to see HOW 
accursed historians will consider them, compared
to the vile Taney and Rehnquist Courts.

Rather than openly gut the Voting Rights Act, they merely poison it so that it cannot be used.

Way to go, Supes! One of those “too clever by half” Machiavellian dodges they specialize in. Or, “You can have the car, but I’m going to take the rotor from the distributor.”

And most especially Clarence Thomas, whose idea of  “affirmative action” is to pull the ladder up after him.

Now: let me stop before I start to swear. A LOT.

red mass roberts

Now all that’s left is to destroy abortion!

We’ve done pretty good in expanding the franchise, we Americans. But, every so often, turds dressed as humans get some power.

From Hamilton to Taney and Jefferson Davis, to McKinley and Hoover and McCarthy and Nixon, to Reagan and Bush and Bush. But we manage to overcome the turds over time.

The American Experiment isn’t an instant gratification sort of thing.

One last thing, though. Ironic, isn’t it, that the case is entitled:


Or, the crackers still left over from the bad old George Wallace days just “defeated” the first Black U.S. Attorney General in their right to discriminate against Black voters.


Oh: Happy “Confederate History Month.”

Hoo haw.


This is cross posted from his vorpal sword.


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