The Death Cult of Melanin, cont’d.


 This is the “hoodie” you need to be a’fearin’ Whiteys

I want to try and talk some sense about the Trayvon Martin case, since sense seems in such short supply. Today’s blogosphere is awash in nearly infinite variations on a theme. No mention, however, about how Faux Nooz turned “white” George Zimmerman into a cause celebré for killing the kid in the hood for wearing a hoodie, nor how how, now that the “exoneration” has taken place, George Zimmerman is no longer “white.” (Thus making then entire racial case just another REVERSE RACISM charge, because, you know, if there are two oppressed groups in America today, they’re clearly Christians and Whites. That’s why it’s so important to pass pre-emptive NO Sharia Law laws. Whatever the hell THAT means.)

Confused yet? Good. You oughtn’t be excluded from the grand paroxysm of Morality. Listen:

Trayvon Martin and the Irony of American Justice
JUL 15 2013, 5:09 AM ET

In trying to assess the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, two seemingly conflicting truths emerge for me. The first is that based on the case presented by the state, and based on Florida law, George Zimmerman should not have been convicted of second degree murder or manslaughter. The second is that the killing of Trayvon Martin is a profound injustice. In examining the first conclusion, I think it’s important to take a very hard look at the qualifications allowed for aggressors by Florida’s self-defense statute …

Uh … right.

Coates is a college dropout*, not a lawyer, so, naturally, his entire column is about Florida law and Black Experience Historically in America for 500 years.


[*Being a college dropout and auto-didact myself, I cast no aspersion, but expertise counts, and ESPECIALLY in assessing criminal law and statutes in a state in which one does not live and has NEVER lived. OK?]

Deep, but deep enough for hip waders. This is the typical approach.

In attempting to find the profound truths in this case, the simple truths are shunted aside in favor of that deep profundity that sits so poorly on the American press, who are often “deep” but have the profundity and intellectual acumen, generally, of a turnip.

Oh: they carefully measure their Olympian words, draw no “superficial” conclusions and counsel the reader to stay judgment until the reader gets to the end of their “think” piece.


Having never actually THOUGHT (in the actual sense that calculus or Kant requires), the rust on the gears is apparent. In other words, dominating the news in every way, is more hogwash, horsefeathers, bluster, blather and mindless mendacity than one can shake a dead teenager at.

Without once ever approaching the central issue of the case:


statue of justice

Is ‘justice’ just a statue atop a San Antonio fountain?

What does that mean?

Don’t kid yourself: humans have no exclusive monopoly on justice. It is not confined to our species or to “higher” jurists like Alito and Scalia who pronounce it upon we, the unwashed.

When you have a puppy, and the puppy poos in the corner, traditionally, you rub the puppy’s nose in the poo and explain “BAD dog!”

And, if the puppy DID the poo, then the puppy is chastened, and feels bad, but accepts the “verdict.”

But if the puppy DID NOT poo in the corner, and you punish him for it, he will LET YOU KNOW that it is UNJUST! UNFAIR! and if you have any sense of observation, you will see that he does not accept the “INJUSTICE” of your unfair punishment.

Justice is NOT confined to humans. [Now, either you have observed or CAN  observe, or else you have nothing to say. I will not argue the point further. It is in the world, it is not a question of how many books you have read, or what rationalizations your mind can fabricate. What is: is.]

But it is ALSO excluded from our laughably-entitled “JUSTICE” system.


Which is a black and ugly joke. Thanks Supes!

And that’s the core here.

The first thing a “lawyer” or a “legal expert” will tell you is that the Justice System is NOT about “justice.” It is about “law.” (You know: rule of law, etc. ad nauseum.)

And the first thing that said expert will be full of will NOT be prunes, albeit eating a lot of prunes before travelling is not advised for such as these.

You see, a HUGE number of people looked at that case and “got” — just as our puppy “got” — that it was unjust. Slice it any way you want, throw any sophistries in that you want, and claim whatever balderdash you want, but the fact remains that a profound injustice was done, and all the sophistry in the world can’t even hide it from a puppy not yet in control of its bowels.

Got that?

What MATTERS is justice. Not five hundred years of a narrative of oppression. Not what happened to Emmett Till.  (Who was murdered three months before I was born.)

What matters is JUSTICE.

rosa parks

And that’s what nobody seems to “get.”

Now, either they do the thing that poisons so much of the male/female dialogue in relationships — You have no right to FEEL that way, because blah blah blah — or else they’re off in legal rationalization land, and that is a far country from which no explorer has ever yet returned.

The argument is as ubiquitous as it is wrong: your feelings are illegitimate. No: your FEELINGS are authentic, and there is an aspect of human existence in which feelings trump all the book-learning, all the glibness, all the twisted narration. Feelings are authentic, and, as with our puppy, they are ENTIRELY justified.

Teenager walking home in the ran with candy and iced tea.

Lunatic “neighborhood watch” volunteer with a gun (and all the false courage that monstrosity affords the pussies of True Americanism) stalks and confronts him. Teenager is shot dead with a HOLLOW POINT COP KILLER bullet. (Ever notice that wasn’t much talked about?)

hollowpoint used on coyote

 This is what ONE hollow point bullet does to a coyote.

This is what a fellow who never even identified himself as a neighborhood watch member, or declared he had a gun did to a teenage kid who harmed no one.

If you don’t understand that all the rationalizations in China can’t cover for the senseless murder of a harmless teenager, then please stop reading here. It will do you no good to read further. All your “deep” thinking is needed on Faux Nooz. Call them.

For the rest: in all this blather, all the lawyers and all the judges in the land never notice that our “justice” system is profoundly damaged, distorted and twisted towards evil.

Corporations know that they can win cases they can’t possibly win, because they have deep pockets. Murderers know that they can get off scot free with good (e.g. expensive) lawyers. And we, who watch it, know this too. But they forget something that I do not, and you should NEVER.

breitbart imitates great german orators7c

Typical perverter of the Constitution
doing impression of famed German orator

When these assholes talk about the “Constitution” and the “Tenth Amendment” and the “Second Amendment” and the “Founding Fathers,” they never seem to notice the first sentence of the Constitution. Which is all the indictment I need bring against these demonic curs. Listen:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice …

They weren’t just blowing smoke up our asses. Those words actually mean something. They’re not just there to take up space. (No judge or lawyer in America understands this.)

Unlike nearly all the blather and bombast, peroration and balderdash we hear today about how it was all Trayvon Martin’s fault for walking home in the rain.

Gustave Doré - Death Depicted as the Grim Reaper

 Turns out THIS was the “hoodie” that Zimmerman was wearing. 
And the hoodie that neither he, nor any of us, will escape,
no matter WHAT firepower we’re packing.

But, unlike that puppy, when enough injustice is done, and enough lawyers have explained that we have NO RIGHT to feel the injustice (because we’re too stupid to understand Florida law or whatever else Sean Hannity unctuously lies about), humans have a tendency to abolish those forms of law and erect new ones.

On the blood-stained land that the liars have recently vacated.

mussolini-and-pals 1945

Mussolini and friends. 1945

Leaving only their blood and stench.

Injustice was done: profound injustice. And until and unless we start addressing it, we are left with this:

The LEGAL damage is already done. This nation has watched high profile trial after high profile trial with the clearly guilty (literally) getting away with murder. The individuals are of no consequence. The lesson that the law is worthless and contemptible and has different outcomes for different skin colors has been taught to an entire generation, and we will ALL pay the price for that.

In the end, it IS about justice. And there ain’t no justice here that I can see.




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