Where is the Justice for the Black Boy in America?

The verdict in the George Zimmerman trail has added to the question which has been going back and forth in our legal system since the days of Reconstruction. The question: What is the value of the Black boy in America? George Zimmerman being found not guilty I believe, has sent a clear message to America. That message is, killing an unarmed Black boy in the name of “self-defense” is justified and protected under the law. Zimmerman did not run after killing Trayvon. He didn’t cry out into the night saying “Oh my God I just shot somebody’s kid!” No Zimmerman, according to sworn testimony of those who talked to him right after the shooting, was calm and content. Zimmerman in his heart really thought he had stopped a “bad guy” from breaking into someone’s home. He knew he was the hero of his gated community and killing an unarmed Black boy in the process was nothing more than preforming his civic duty. On July 13th 2013, a jury made up of Sanford Florida citizens said in one voice yes George Zimmerman “stand your ground” we support your actions and keep up the good work.

Stand your ground was passed into law by twenty-five states as a result of certain Americans fear of the Black boy, a Black boy that they have no relationship with and have no desire to understand. As a more progressive nation than at any time in our history, we must protect the rights of the Black boy. We must protect his rights with the same energy and fervor to which we have dedicated protecting all other children across America. Rights like, the White girl’s right to choose or the Brown boy’s right to become an American citizen. The progressive movement must gather its forces and declare that they will no longer tolerate Black boys being labeled as thugs. We must declare that those who write our laws not overlook, disregard or completely forget about Black boys and their future as contributing members of society. We can no longer afford to allow anyone to deny the God given rights under the Constitution of Black boys. Black boys must be equally protected under the law and not treated as a menace to society. We must hold our black boys in our collective arms and say in one voice: THE BLACK BOY IS AN AMERICAN TOO!!!!!!!

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Graduate of Norfolk State University Summa Cum Laude BA in Political Science, Political Consultant, President of the New Chesapeake Men for Progress, Navy Veteran, and Former Obama Campaign Staffer.
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