A Shattered GOP Dithers on Direction


The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press comes out with the raw numbers:

Whither the GOP? Republicans Want Change, But Split over Party’s Direction
— Ryan Has Broader Appeal in GOP than Paul, Rubio or Christie

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press

OVERVIEW — Coming off of two consecutive presidential election defeats, most Republican voters believe that their party must address major problems to be more competitive in the future. And roughly six-in-ten say improved messaging alone will not be enough – the GOP also needs to reconsider some of its positions…

Surprising? Hardly.

I told you that this was happening on March 5, 2009.

The handwriting was already clearly on the wall:


Daddy Long Legs

… these are the twitchings of a dead Daddy Long Legs.

There are two distinct possibilities at this point, both leading to the same conclusion:

1. That the GOP will arise from its own ashes as someone significantly reformulates philosophy and rebrands a “new” GOP that IS significantly different than the failed larceny of the party that’s been in charge of not one, but TWO bank meltdowns since the “Reagan Revolution.”

2. That the GOP will die, like the Whigs, and reformulate around the Libertarian wing, as seems increasingly likely.


Either way, the Party of Nixon and Reagan is as dead and buried as the “Party of Lincoln” was dead by 1876 and the unholy deal with the Klansmen of the South to kill Reconstruction as a “compromise” to install Rutherford B. Hayes and dump Samuel J. Tilden, who won the popular vote. (The first “stolen election,” if you don’t count John Quincy Adams’ plurality theft in the House of Representatives over the much larger plurality of Andrew Jackson.)

So, what you’re seeing now is the twitching of a big fat dead Daddy Long Legs — any resemblance to Rush Limbaugh is purely intentional.


Rush Limbaugh is the new GOP

The so-called “Republican Party” of my youth is as dead as Eisenhower.

The coming “Republican Party” wants to be even more “conservative,” — if by ‘conservative’ you mean willfully ignorant, anti-science, anti-knowledge, racist, sexist and isolationist in a global culture.

Good luck with that.

But please note that I DID tell you so, one thousand, six hundred and nine Julian Days ago.

Southern GOPMeet the new boss … same as the old boss


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