Welcome To Arizona, Mr. President

Remember, these are the pricks who invited the President to speak to ASU (pronounced Ass Yew) and wouldn’t give the traditional BS honorary degree because he didn’t have a “body of work.” I am not going to “moderate” my comments on this racism, because, as Arizonan Barry Goldwater noted,

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!


Not a pulp cover, at all

So, in honor of Barry, here’s the Arizona Republic:

Hundreds protest Obama outside Phoenix high school

Hundreds of protesters wielded signs, chanted slogans and argued with each other Tuesday outside Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, while President Barack Obama spoke about housing and the economy inside.


Obama foes at one point sang, “Bye Bye Black Sheep,” a derogatory reference to the president’s skin color, while protesters like Deanne Bartram raised a sign saying, “Impeach the Half-White Muslim!”

It gets worse:



“It just kind of happened naturally,” said Michael Pomales of how the opposing sides separated. Pomales, an 18-year-old Ahwatukee Foothills resident who graduated in the spring from Desert Vista High, said he decided to join the protesters side “to spread a little love” as the crowds began shouting at each other.

Pomales said his response to people yelling for Obama to go back from where he came from is simple: “He’s a great man. He cares about what I care about, education, jobs. He’s our president. He’s an American.”

Deanna Bartram, a 17-year-old University of Arizona student from Black Canyon City, lashed out at people who call her racist for not supporting Obama. She believes Obama supporters use the “race card” against her because they disagree with her political message.

“Obama is ruining American values. He is ruining the Constitution. He needs to go back to where he came from because obviously, he is a liar,” she said. “I am not racist. I am part Indian. Obama’s half Black, half White.”

“He’s 47 percent Negro,” shouted Ron Enderle, a 77-year-old Chandler resident who said that he and his son served as Marines and his grandson is currently serving in the Marines.

Enderle criticized the president mishandling security at the U.S. Benghazi Embassy.

“My grandson is third generation Marine, and it bothers me to have this man as our commander in chief. I’m ashamed,” Enderle said.

Judy Burris said that she blames Obama for racism in America reaching heights not seen since the 1960s Civil-Rights Era.

“We have gone back so many years,” she said. “He’s divided all the races. I hate him for that.”

Yeah. HE divided the races, the Arizona Klanswoman says.


Now available locally in Arizona!

Sure am glad no JEWS showed up to speak. I doubt I could print what the crackers of Arizona had to say.

Arizona is the new Mississippi.


And here you thought I was being
hyperbolic when I did this illo originally

I don’t know what it is, but there is something sick and twisted about Arizona, and, frankly, if they keep heading down this road, we’re going to see martial law in Arizona soon.

Assuming that gl0bal warming doesn’t put them out of business. Here’s Arizona’s dirty secret and its Achilles heel: Without air-conditioning, Phoenix and Tucson could not survive.

Between hating Hispanics, hating Blacks, hating Indians and just plain hating, Arizona HAS NO EXCUSE. There is something deeply, deeply wrong with Arizona, and I don’t know what it is, but I generally avoid it if I can help it.  I see my Indian friends and avoid the gringos.


You should too.

But now we begin to see the racism that’s ALWAYS been just under the surface, hidden by code words and back word “N-word” rants. This is the REAL face of white Amerika, and, as I told you before, as the whites realize that they’re becoming NOT a majority (since their “minority” status will STILL be overwhelming) you will see the lugnuts and the wingnuts start to pop, and the rise of a modern version of the Ku Klux Klan and the Skinheads.

rebel nazi flag

The New Arizona State Flag

This is just the beginning, and I advise you to gird your loins. We’re in for a long, twilight struggle with the fundamental idiocy of NOT SEEING HUMAN BEINGS AS HUMAN BEINGS because of some superficiality: religion, skin color, language, etc.

All races have heroes.

And, as Arizona shows us, all races have their scum.


Arizona’s curse to Amerika
Rehnquist used to sit at polling places
challenging minority voters, to suppress
their votes. Back before he was a Nixon crony.

A lot of it seems to live in Arizona.

How come? Anybody?


PS: Don’t give me the “not all Arizonans” blather. You live there. DO something about it other than puling to me, wretches. You’re Good Germans right now, just for living there.

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