Looking Towards 2016



It feels like election 2016 is so far away, yet if you are a potential candidate for the presidential primaries, you’ve got to be working your game now.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has been doing just that recently. Yesterday she “issued biting criticism of Republican-backed voter ID laws during a speech to a group of lawyers.”

Clinton said her appearance at the annual meeting of the American Bar Association marked the beginning of a speaking series she’ll embark upon that will also include an address on the United States’ national security policies next month in Philadelphia.

Clinton said the September address would focus of issues of “transparency and balance.” The former top diplomat had not yet publicaly addressed the classified National Security Agency surveillance programs that were revealed through leaks at the beginning of the summer.

The move into the political realm marks a new phase in Clinton’s post-State Department life, which was previously occupied by speeches to global women’s organizations and a schedule of paid appearances. She is also writing a diplomacy-focused memoir for release in 2014.

Hillary Clinton has also stepped into a co-leader role at the Clinton Foundation, which has been renamed and worked to include the entire Clinton family, with Chelsea also taking a role in the foundation.

And, Boston.com reports, “Joe Biden may run for president in 2016, or he may not. But he wants you to know he could.”

In my opinion… Don’t rule Joe out as a great candidate, but Hillary has got game right now.

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  1. Al I don’t get that your doing the media’s job with that link. You’re sharing wingnut propaganda. We’re not interested here.