Our Klan Friends, The GOPs

This is the story, but it isn’t the story at all:

BREAKING UPDATE: One Suspect In Custody After WWII Veteran Beaten To Death
Dylan Wohlenhaus / KHQ-TV

BREAKING NEWS: Major crimes investigators have just confirmed that one teenager has been arrested in the beating death of WWII veteran Delbert Belton.  One suspect remains on the loose.  Charges of 1st degree murder and 1st degree robbery pending…

But there’s no STORY there! (OK, elder killed in street crime.) No: here’s the story, the ACCUSED IS BLACK!!!! SEE:

elder murder in spokane, WA detail

Click to enlarge. Click here for page.

Gee. The Usual Suspects from Tuesday have jetted their “concern” about White People from Oklahoma to Spokane, Washington. (Both with highly active “White Power” movements, ironically.)  And there is no longer ANY doubt of it.


Oklahoma Klan

Virtually EVERYONE from Tuesday’s Oklahoma NEGROES KILL WHITE BOY story is present. (And Janet Shan and The Hinterland Gazette are one and the same — she is one of my fellow guest contributors at The Moderate Voice —  in the “Blue” category.)

You will note that they have Added (To Weasel Zippers,the National Review and Jammie Wearing Fools (and, later, Scared Monkeys)  Michelle Malkin and Dan Riehl of Reihl World News. (Moonbattery craps out, but it’s always been a “mee too!” second tier blog on teh internets). No: these are the heavy hitters of the Rightie Sneer-O-Sphere. And somehow, they seem to find ANY crime that fits their needs. (And, in the second story, The Blaze blog, Glenn Beck’s official Pravda on teh Intertubes).

And come up with the EXACT SAME talking points/memes/analyses. And they know EXACTLY how to focus on ONE story and drive it to the top of the Memeorandum Page.


Courtesy of Joe Farah at WorldNutDaily (photo AND billboard)

SOMEONE decided to push back against the “Trayvon Martin” narrative by turning it into a White versus Black Narrative, with Whites as the victims, and Blacks as the oppressors.


Noble white, Evil black

In Oklahoma. In Spokane, Washington. Gee. Spokane. Why does that sound familiar? Oh, I know:

spokane bomber pleads guilty

White Supremacist bomb intended to be detonated at Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade,  Jan. 17, 2011

I do not need to make a long argument here.

Let me recap: The “three blacks” in Oklahoma ended up being ONE white, ONE black and ONE both.

About as integrated a ‘gang’ of hooligans as you could get, if, like the former Klansmen/Dixiecrats who now run the GOP, you think of race and ethnicity in purely black and white terms.

That’s a HUGE tell. When your intention is to reverse the notion of racism and victimhood (as in President Obama explaining that HE understood the paranoia attending the appearance of his skin color on the streets), you grab what you can to spout your hate and unreason. (See Tuesday’s blog for details.)

Think about it: so, how come it isn’t “three American teens kill Australian scholarship student”?

the flying brick

Because the NARRATIVE must be about black and white.

This latest episode, we have the Honored Veteran, the Greatest Generation, the Elder who Survived killed by the vicious black hooligan.

  • Same suspects.
  • Same narrative.
  • Same analysis.

And, again, before the facts are in. Because they wouldn’t want to be prejudiced by the facts.

CBS courtroom sketch

CBS courtroom sketch

Only the judgment matters.

And the judgment is purely racial, purely aimed at “whites” and purely hateful towards “blacks.”

queen of spades

But at this point we know something important: that there is an intention and a strategy behind this tactic.

They have gone hog wild Klan Krazy, and this is the moment to hold their racist asses to the fire. It is out in the open and cannot be hidden.

They’re going “shoot the moon” (as in Hearts) because the Queen of Spades just got played, and they HAVE to pretend that Blacks are the racists. Decent Americans can’t let that happen.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

bicycle calaveras playing cards - queen of spades

draw your own conclusion,
preferably not in crayon

It is not a coincidence that this meme is being pushed so heavily on the 50th Anniversary of the “I have a dream” speech and the March on Washington.

They keep on kluxing their tongues like this, and someone might get the notion that they’re unreconstructed racists and White Supremacists (Michelle Malkin, please take note).


the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

50 Years Later: March on Washington Today Honors King …
Chris Good / ABC News:

American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King, lead a march down the center of a street in the 1960s.  —  Getty Images  —  Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington …


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