About Those Climate Change Deniers

1013447_10151780606777708_160559053_nWith a massive wild fire blazing in Yosemite right now, and tropical storm season heading our way, it’s time to have the Climate Change conversation yet again. It seems simple to those of us who get it, but to the deniers, Climate Change doesn’t seem to exist, despite raging wild fires, tornandos and hurricanes that reach super storm proportions.

The Rim Fire, which has devoured more than 149,000 acres, has scorched an area about the size of the city of Chicago while more than 3,600 firefighters try to rein it in.

Maybe one way to get some action on Climate Change could be to name extreme storms after policy makers who deny Climate Change… Think about it… (h/t to my sister Suzanne for the video):


As the WaPo reports, “Maybe, in the not too distant future, we’ll have a Category Six hurricane named John Boehner.”

The environmental advocacy group 350.org is petitioning the World Meteorological Organization to name hurricanes after politicians who are skeptical or dismissive of manmade climate change.

Visit ClimateNameChange.org to sign the petition.


Let the name game begin…

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