Justice Department Eases Rules on Weed Enforcement

The times they are a changing


Today the federal government “released new guidelines for federal prosecution of marijuana violations that mark a retreat from the aggressive guidelines of the past.”

Instead of targeting individual recreational users, federal prosecutors are being told to prioritize goals like keeping marijuana from being sold to minors and preventing marijuana sales from funding criminal operations.

We’re starting to see a sea change on marijuana laws…

Executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, Aaron Smith, said “his group was “encouraged” by the administration’s decision.”

At the heart of the guidance is a willingness to respect the voters who have decided a regulated marijuana market is preferable to a criminal market in their states,” Smith said in a statement.

“Now is not the time to push marijuana sales back under ground. The new voter-approved, regulated systems in Colorado and Washington should be allowed to proceed.”

The Hill notes, “The move should also relieve federal pressure on medical marijuana dispensaries in 22 states, many of which have been faced prosecution in recent years.”

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