We used to be a Serious Country


Republican Lawmakers meet to steal strategize

But now we’re just small-time chiselers:

McKeon says he would vote for Syria action if sequestration fixed
Jeremy Herb / The Hill

House Armed Services Chairman (R-Calif.) said that he would likely vote to authorize military strikes in Syria if President Obama would address sequestration cuts to the military.
McKeon said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that he and a number of defense hawks in the House might support the vote for military action in Syria if the military budget cuts under sequestration were reversed.

“If we can fix this, it may help some people in the vote,” McKeon said. “I could not guarantee that we could get votes for it, but I know a lot of people have the same concerns that I do.”

The support of GOP defense hawks like McKeon is an important step for the White House as it tries to corral enough votes to authorize military force, particularly as dozens of House Republicans are lining up against taking action in Syria.

McKeon said that he is requesting a meeting with Obama on sequestration to try to find a solution.

Buy my vote, Mr. President, because the slaughter of innocents means nothing, but me getting my contractor donors their pound of flesh is EVERYTHING.

Is he the only one? Nope.

gustave dore-neophyte

McKnucklehead is joined by as fellow electoral felon* ( * synonym for “Republican”):

Without a resolution for sequestration, McKeon sounded like he would vote against authorizing military strikes. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), who appeared with him on “State of the Union,” also said the sequester was the issue that could convince her to change her mind on Syria.

“It’s immoral to continue to ask our men and women in the military to go out without the equipment the training the readiness,” Blackburn said.

Because the Republicans had NOTHING to do with the sequester. If Obama stops it, they’ll vote for whatever he wants.

Pure political extortion. But not the only ones:

Rand Paul

Not a Randroid?

Seems that Rand Paul is ALSO angling to turn the murder of thousands with nerve gas into a political win for him personally:


Senator Rand Paul (R. Paranoia)

Rand Paul lays out demands ahead of potential Syria filibuster
posted by CNN’s Kevin Liptak

(CNN) – Sen. Rand Paul, who’s already said he opposes the limited U.S. military strikes in Syria being pushed by President Barack Obama, said Sunday he was still weighing his options for stalling a vote in the full Senate on the use of force resolution.

The Kentucky Republican said a filibuster – which he used earlier this year to demand more information from the Obama administration on the use of drones – could only delay a vote, but wouldn’t “put off a vote forever.” …


Because we know what REALLY matters in foreign policy: not American interests, not high notions of enforcing the Geneva Conventions, We are not haunted by Rwanda, or Kosovo.

We just want to win the LOTTERY!

Romney Lottery Scratchit

losing GOP scratch-off Lotto Ticket

What a bastardly bunch we are. So deserving of our highfalutin’ rhetoric about how we’re the “Greatest Nation on Earth.”


But wait, there’s MORE!

Paul, who was elected with strong backing from the tea party movement, wouldn’t speculate whether it would be an impeachable offense for Obama to take action in Syria without support from the Congress, but did say Obama “has already proven to go above the law in many instances.”

“Whether you impeach someone is another question, and it’s obviously a big one. I wouldn’t make a judgment on that,” he said.



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2 Responses to We used to be a Serious Country

  1. Great post Hart. Sad state of affairs this bartering for votes.

  2. Blood money, I’d call it. There are some things MORE important than trying to get another brownie point in the congressional cesspool. Americans used to understand that.