Every silver lining has its cloud

Why do conservatives hate America? OK: “Liberals.” The New Republic is allegedly a progressive” magazine, but it sounds a lot like the National Review at times.

This is one of those times.


I don’t know, but they do:

The Syria Solution: Obama Got Played by Putin and Assad
Julia Ioffe / The New Republic

This, apparently, is how diplomacy happens these days: Someone makes an off-hand remark at a press conference and triggers an international chain reaction that turns an already chaotic and complex situation completely on its head, and gives everyone a sense that, perhaps, this is the light at the end of the indecision tunnel …

You’ll almost be happy to note that whoever this nobody is, she manages to be better than EVERYbody, GOPs and Democrats alike:

devils taunting man

… even though the Obama administration has been insisting that it is not interested in “regime change,” that disastrous cornerstone of the Bush era, it was, in fact, pursuing regime change, at least until Monday.

Such a lonely post to man (or woman). Ah, to exist in the light of such purity. (Even if it’s from made up ‘facts’ like that last sentence quoted.)

Criticizing the Bush Administration does NOT burnish your “liberal” credentials. It merely marks you as non-delusional.


Republican Jesus

First, Kerry was just crazy, quoth Julia Ioffe:

What happened was Kerry went off message and, as has been his wont as Secretary of State, off the reservation, and violated the cardinal rule of official press conferences: He answered a hypothetical question in a hypothetical way. He blurted out a pie-in-the-sky, hyperbolic idea—getting rid of “every single bit” of the chemical weapons scattered across Syria “in the next week” —but everyone seized on it as a realistic proposal. It’s not.

bicycle calaveras playing cards - queen of spades

Queen of the Universe (self-anointed)

Ah, SHE knows what is realistic and what is not. How omniscient! FIVE reasons why this can’t work:

First, how do you deal with a regime … Fifth, and most important, is the fact that Assad giving up his chemical weapons was only part of the stated objective. If you listened to the White House pitch closely, the point of the military strike was not just to stop Assad from using chemical weapons further on his citizens, and it was not just to warn other rogue leaders with their fingers on various triggers. Part of the goal was to force a political solution that would remove Assad from power. That is, even though the Obama administration has been insisting that it is not interested in “regime change,” that disastrous cornerstone of the Bush era, it was, in fact, pursuing regime change, at least until Monday.

Well, she’s certainly slain those evil straw men she’s conjured. And no, in this case, forcing Assad out of power was NOT in the equation. Stopping the use of chemical weapons was. Some people cannot disconnect from linkages with unrelated actions. The whole “anti-war” debate of the past week bears testament to that. Ioffe seems one of these.

jjonah with desk pounding action

J. Jonah Jameson Action Figure — with desk-pounding action!

But first she’s against any intervention, and then, when things look like they’re working, assures us that they CAN’T possibly work (I am certain that, as an omniscient master of time, space and dimension, she knows all and sees all).


When you think about it, being so against/angry with a US president that you’d hope for continual use of chemical weapons against children is not the sign of a well-ordered mind.

bodies at Jonestown

Mass chemical slaughter at Jonestown.

Treason and derangement are the terms that spring to mind, although you might come up with better terms for it.

And, no matter what else, history is rife with morons who “knew” what could and couldn’t work. Airplanes, and moon landings, for example. It’s always a stupid policy to DECLARE what can and cannot happen.


Because the universe has a long history of making such people look like dinglegberries hanging from the Devil’s anus.

fat cats

Look! Our company is going into the dirt!
Won’t that embarrass the President! Haw haw!

Much as I despise virtually everything about George W. Bush, I never rooted for the US to fail, just to make him look like a jerk. He did that latter thing just fine without any help from me. The fact that he did a lot to alleviate AIDS in Africa won’t cause me to attempt to undermine it with poisonous sophistries.

Because I still love my country, even if it has self-anointed tin gods like the New Republic writer.

Any sane country would probably take her out into the woods, shoot her in the back of the head and bury her in a shallow grave.

Syria: massacre of children

Syria: massacre of children

However, I am not a citizen of any sane country. I am a citizen of the United States of America, which I love, for all its craziness — to paraphrase Will Rogers.

Too bad the pretentious and omniscient can’t honestly say the same.

Judge her by her words, not by any political label she chooses to affix. Change the label to “National Review” and this piece could go on their blog without a single edit.

Or, to correct the title: Why do those who hate America invariably turn out to be “conservatives”?


 Mr. Williams has a lively blog His Vorpal Sword. This is cross-posted from his blog.

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