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Republican “Family” values

It’s on:

A Republican Ransom Note
New York Times

On Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew sent the House a very serious warning that, for the first time, the United States would be unable to pay its bills beginning on Oct. 17 if the debt ceiling is not lifted.  House leaders responded on Thursday …

That’s it. First the GOP threatens insolvency, then refuses to allow the government to continue. Worse, they just LOST a national election by a convincing margin. They don’t care.

The Republican party is now populated entirely by psych0paths and psychopath enablers. How any citizen could, at this point, claim to be a Republican is a profound moral abandonment of Brobdingnagian proportions.

Do not trust them near your money or your children. Just sayin.’

The only surprise here is that the demands weren’t made up of cut out newspaper letters (the Times continues, ibid.):


(See HERE for an explanation of this illo)

House leaders responded on Thursday with one of the least serious negotiating proposals in modern Congressional history: a jaw-dropping list of ransom demands containing more than a dozen discredited Republican policy fantasies.

We’ll refrain from deliberately sabotaging the global economy, Speaker John Boehner and the other leaders said, if President Obama allows more oil drilling on federal lands. And drops regulations on greenhouse gases. And builds the Keystone XL oil pipeline. And stops paying for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And makes it harder to sue for medical malpractice. And, of course, halts health care reform for a year.

The list would be laughable if the threat were not so serious. A failure to raise the debt ceiling would cause a default on government debt, shattering the world’s faith in Treasury bonds as an investment vehicle and almost certainly bringing on another economic downturn. Unlike a government shutdown, a default could leave the Treasury without enough money to pay Social Security benefits or the paychecks of troops.

The full effects remain unknown because no Congress has ever allowed the government to go over the brink before….

Not even the Secessionist Congress of 1859. Good lord.

W_ordinance-of-secession1Secession in all but name from the House GOP

The Times concludes:

 the absurdity of the list shows just how important it is that Mr. Obama ignore every demand and force the House extremists to decide whether they really want to be responsible for an economic catastrophe. He made a mistake by negotiating in 2011, hoping to reach a grand bargain; that produced the corrosive sequester cuts.

To prevent the House from making every debt-ceiling increase an opportunity to issue extortionist demands for rejected policies they can achieve in no other way, the president has to put an end to the routine creation of emergencies once and for all by simply saying no.

I don’t see how you could argue with that.

But, further, it’s probably time to get out your guns if you have them, and clean them.

Just in case.


This is an act of unarmed insurrection, but, given the GOP’s fetishistic attachment to their weapons, “unarmed” is liable to drop from the equation very s0on.

We may not GET to the election of 2014.

These crazies is nuts.

murderous clowns

Murderous clowns

The frog of American politics is now in boiling secessionist water.


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