An Injunction Against the Truth

  by Walter Brasch  Monday morning, Oct. 21, 2013. Vera Scroggins, a retired real estate agent and nurse’s aide, was in Common Pleas Court for Susquehanna County, Pa., to explain why a temporary injunction should not be issued against her. Before her were four lawyers and several employees of Cabot … Continue reading

Two Score Years of Scribbling

Life is funny that way: it waylays you when you least expect it. Destiny often arrives seeming as homely as a street sign or as ubiquitous as a grass lawn. Because it is a LONG piece, and uses a few words that Management frowns on, I’m just going to link to it, rather than attempting to reprint it here. So, I can promise you some special auctorial fireworks and at LEAST two actual explosions! Continue reading

Remember the Alamo? Uh, sure.

Were the Alamo about what everyone pretends it’s about, it would be a shameful act, and an act of political opportunism. The old Daughters of the Republic of Texas would not have allowed it, but we can now expect the Alamo turned into a right wing clown car for future political circuses. Continue reading

Shuffling Federal Paperwork

The right-wing part of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, with John Boehner in the role of spineless lackey rather than courageous Speaker, has shut down much of the federal government. Eighty Republicans had signed a letter expressing their intent to shut down the government. It was a political act of … Continue reading

Obamacare and the Power of Fear

The Affordable Care Act more popularly known as Obamacare, in the opinion of many experts is the most debated law in American history.  Does anyone really know what the Affordable Care Act is? Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, in a very humorous fashion pointed out how people truly believed there … Continue reading

Jumping Aboard Fracking’s Fossil Fuel Carousel

  by Walter Brasch   Two Pennsylvania legislators who have taken money from—and enthusiastically supported—the natural gas industry have teamed up to now praise coal. State Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Williamsport), chair of the Environmental Resource and Energy Committee, and Rep. Tim Solobay (D-Canonsburg, Pa.) are co-chairs of the newly-established Coal … Continue reading