Police Lock Down U.S. Capitol After Shots Fired (Updated)

capitolshotsOn the 3rd day of the federal government shutdown, reports of shots fired outside the U.S. Capitol have facilitated a lock down on Capitol Hill.

The shooting, at about 2:19 p.m., sent the busy Capitol complex into lockdown, with legislators and other employees told to shelter in place. It appeared to have taken place to the north of the Capitol itself, in the direction of the Senate’s large office buildings.

Emergency vehicles clustered at the normally busy three-way intersection of Constitution Avenue, 2nd Street, and Maryland Avenue NE. After the first shots were heard, officers with semi-automatic weapons were seen running toward the building’s exits.

Capitol Police ordered a “shelter in place” warning in the wake of the incident. AP News reports that one officer has been injured.

NBC News’ Pete Williams reports the incident started outside of the White House where driver of a black car, tried to breach security there. Secret Service pursued car to Capitol Hill:

ABC News reports that the female suspect has been killed and word has it that there was an unharmed child found in the car.

A conflicting piece from NBC News reports the suspect was shot and has been taken into custody.

Perhaps after they finally re-boot the government Congress might get around to debating gun control again, now that this latest shooting incident has landed on the doorstep?

UPDATE: The “shelter in place” order has been lifted:

3:30:29pm – The House convened, returning from a recess continuing the legislative day of Oct 3. http://bit.ly/HFloor

UPDATE 2: NBC updates to report female suspect is dead.

UPDATE 3: Sad twist to this story: Woman in DC chase may have thought Obama was stalking her, sources say.

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